PROPHET: Where Do You Use It?

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Where do you use your Prophet?

I haven't been using it, mainly because of it's short range.    Any places you like where it shines?
  • reyismujafi
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    1. At the situation where the base or defense is thick , and there're agrgresive unit or lone building far in front of the base to be used as a "spotter" for the Prophet cannon. 

    2. Strong cave base...
    3. When you need a good tank on the land , prophet work well as tank and damager as well....
  • Abdeen Abdeen
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    yet i never used it and i think it is useless 
  • shootingQuasar1
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    The explosive fletchlet component gives it a long range jugg explosion for bases that are really long or have seperate stages like the e.darkstorm base

  • reyismujafi
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    Okay gonna share something... at last warpath i find prophet extremely destructive with the explosive fletchet .... Mid lvl base will be cripled or even mostly obliterated in one shot (if you aim properly) and for the advanced base you'll find it easier to reduce their defense, far from outside of its defense range (except judge depend on where they place it but prophet has at least 100 mil HP) .... has to be online vs online to be able to properly stop this killing machine.... i'd say new and better juggernaut....  

    In PvE ? its absolute :smile:  easy 
    1. Darkstorm - all base - I can finish it easily after we take care the DS outside
    2. Cerberus base - not a single step to the base
    3. Event base - countless become easier, esp on the cave base...
    4. etc

    My suggestion ?   Get it before its too hard to get..
  • dagored
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    Use it in pvp with DS straight to CC to stop the judge.
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