Omega Weapon

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It is possible that this topic has been brought up before but being less redundant has never been a strength.  I would like to suggest an on/off switch for Omega weapons equipped to the Outpost.  Perhaps a time delay (12 hours?) between status changes would make this idea doable?  
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    I too am curious as to what the intent behind this request is.
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    My apologies for taking so long to reply.  The Omega weapons are a relatively new concept as a weapon that equips to the Outpost.  It takes a long time to build.  The resources involved are minor.  As far as I know, the Omegas deal the highest damage of any individual base weapon.  Without some kind of major defection, many fleets are melted before any attack is mounted.  It is difficult to gauge how the rest of the base would have done if the attacking fleet is already sunk.  The Omega weapons were equipped to Outposts before the refactoring changes so being able to tell how the rest of the base will perform now is more important at least to me.  Removing the Omega weapon after the amount of time involved to acquire it in the first place To trial the base without it isn't something I would want to do.  I hope my explanation make sense.
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