New weapon on OP and new gate sucks

Skilled Warrior
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Why can't kixeye do anything right to do something with our base 900.000 of each in res to put gun on OP an it sucks no damage to the new ship that just came out when a fleet can kill a heavy guard sitting out side base and the kill guard  and  base 100% with all the new updater weapons on base there is something wrong over powered ship or under powered  base Kixeye needs to power our base's up. it no fun to hit 7 base's with one fleet and it **** not no fun to repair base and two fleet after being hit. we have enough to repair as it is with a 18 hour repair
  • heyo13579
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    the new op weapon isnt meant to do alot of dmg to the new ship what it does is it prevents the breacher from firing so that your turrets have more time to do dmg to it the turret also takes out fleets that rely on remote targeting to knock out your base by delaying the ships they leave out side. there are pleanty of bases that have no issue deffending aginst the breacher so long as you have all of your items upgraded to match your level then you should have no issue aginst it i have 3 and have met many bases that just shred them apart
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