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Has anyone notice that when you are rolling for crews it will land on like a grease monkey for a split second then roll to something else I thank it rigged Kixeye has it where you can't hit any of the 3 stars crew ones in awhile you mite get lucky to hit one i just went through 430.000 and hit 1 silver salty dog and that's it.I did hit about 25 lucky bastard and a lot more useless crap that i don't take just a lot junk to me. I hear a lot of players saying the same thing on chat that it's rigged. I landed on a grease monkey and a few silver salty and it roll over on me 
  • Peter Massart
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    I roll crews every day and i can say, i have now 9 DS and 14 GM crews. 4 Salty dogs, this morning 2 SD crews
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    Kix needs to change that, it is a pain in the **** rolling and hitting the same crew over and over again, it should eliminate every crew you pass on from the roll. 
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    i roll all the time too i have DS  but when toll on them and it lands on a GM or DS for a split second then rolls over to something  else i know kixeye has it rigged 

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    During fm's and the monthly raid the crews you want dont come up very often like normal either...
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