just like to thank kixeye

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I just like to thank kixeye for the three new hulls that I will never build that are out of date and pretty much junk they will go with the other 100 useless hulls i have. i have three new hulls two tier 4 and a tier 6 oh boy now all i need a trash can to put them in
  • Maliathegreat
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    I would also like to thank kixeye for my hull. :) Gracias Kix .
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    I'd like to thank Kixeye, for making the turrets in the Daily Lashing Undefeatable by my most powerful fleet tonight, and causing me to waste several fleets trying to destroy it, but amazingly, the Turrets are barely scratched.  This is the first time a 10 minute Daily Lashing, has actually beaten me and wasted an hour of my time.  Nice. 
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    I have the three new Breacher Dreadnought both weapons and new toy for OP but after the event was over Kixeye sent me three chest I open then and got three new hulls all tier 4 and under to me they are useless and 100.000 titanium i'm level 118 i don't need this crap at least they could of sent me something i could use i would of been happy with a 1 day build token 
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    yes Kix thanks for nothing I got hulls that I already had& the chests gave me nothing but worthless hulls
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    The whole point of the bacon chests was for the collectors. They gave out any T4 and below standard hull prints and then they started giving out resources. 

    It sounds like the chests you received were free, and the prizes that went with them were also free. So does it really matter?
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