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Regular players know to good that any business need income to stay live. We do see that it also how Kixeye need to stay valid.

But most consumors also know that just 1 bad sale expearince damage 10 new sales or even more. Specialy when the company keep making same sort of sales and never fix it. So i just wonder if Kixeye realy see that several 100 bad expearince players will kill any good review and be the reason for even worse advertising. So the 100 or more will make 10000 bad reviews and that def. not helping Kixeye stay in game will it ?

So Kixeye realy need to make changes to the way they do theyr business if they want the trends to change, because now we are many that counting down on our engagement on Kixeye games, and we have said why, explained whats wrong and been overrunned with promisses and changes without any payback for all the upgrades/Time we have struggled and used coins to build stuff. It is not all right and it needs to stop if Kixeye want players to remain in game.

We do see how bad Kixeye need income do to all the weekly advertisments of disconted tokens but we do not realy care anymore.

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    Retail and gaming metrics are a ted different. What you really want to reference is that generally, people will have an overall negative opinion if the ration is 10:1 / good:bad or worse.
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    i try support the game but every time i do i feel screwed. anyone else feel that way?  
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    Nitromthn said:
    i try support the game but every time i do i feel screwed. anyone else feel that way?  

    Maybe - but Kix understands that, in general, its players will continue to play regardless.
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