Ok - The Final Four! Decide what is the thing you don't enjoy most about BP

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Ok so there are really 6 things listed not four because you guys correctly pointed out build and refit times shouldn't be lumped nor should hull building and building building. As much as we hear people raise concerns tied to the chores, everyone here was surprised out how overwhelming repair/refit time was. While I don't expect a ton of changes to the top spot, the order of finish and percentages are what we will be paying attention to. 

and now....

-drum roll please- 

"Bacon" is not an option this time because in November WE HAVE FINALLY DECIDED TO....(CMChris appears out of nowhere...leans over and says something...and then disappears as quickly as he appeared)...Uh, as I was saying Bacon didn't make the top 6. Please vote. It is your civic duty. 

Ok - The Final Four! Decide what is the thing you don't enjoy most about BP 752 votes

Repair Time
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Refit Time
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All the Chores
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Hull Build Time
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(Bldg) Build and Upgrade Time
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Content Overload
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    Repair Time
    Ok so there are really 6 things listed not four because you guys correctly pointed out build and refit times shouldn't be lumped nor should hull building and building building. As much as we hear people raise concerns tied to the chores, everyone here was surprised out how overwhelming repair/refit time was. While I don't expect a ton of changes to the top spot, the order of finish and percentages are what we will be paying attention to. 

    and now....

    -drum roll please- 

    "Bacon" is not an option this time because in November WE HAVE FINALLY DECIDED TO....(CMChris appears out of nowhere...leans over and says something...and then disappears as quickly as he appeared)...Uh, as I was saying Bacon didn't make the top 6. Please vote. It is your civic duty. 

  • Cyanide Sandwich
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    Repair Time
    It's honestly between hull build time and repair time, but of those two i think repair time is the worst. 20 hours to repair a fully dead bat fleet is no bueno. I shouldnt lose my bat fleet to something, and be unable to use it again for the next day. Honestly, the only thing that actually has decent repair times that allow for getting back into the game quicker are conqueror fleets. About 8 hours to repair my fleet of 2x WDs, 1x Ifrit, 1x Rev, and 1x MSC

    Build times are structured with tokens so that I can roughly get a fleet of 4, or almost a fleet of 4 by the first raid, finished by the second, with flagship almost done/completed by 2nd or 3rd raid. Personally, I think the cycles need to be 4 raids long so that after I get a raid fleet done, I can then focus on building Proto fleets or defender/conqueror fleets or updating my chore fleets, before having to rebuild a raid fleet for the next cycle.


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    Repair Time
    i know i repeat myself.  After 5 years of people complainig about repair time, 5 min of fun for 10-12 hours repair etc....  You still have to ask ?

    So bloody pathetic.
  • Wild_G
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    Repair Time
    I voted repair time but again there should be all the above option cause all 6 I have issues with.  But you want to force our hands to just pick only one.  You don't want to fix all of them since you make us only vote for one nor add a all the above option.
  • VvVvVvVvV
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    Content Overload
    Build/Repair/Refit times are bad, but I'm still of the opinion that if the underlying game were stable, those times would be okay. 

    Look at the problem this way -- B/R/R times are inconsistent and out-of-sync with content release. 

    If you're going to release significant new content each month, then the B/R/R times to incorporate that tech into a player's game need to be proportional; If you release stuff this month and expect me to use it next month, B/R/R times need to only be a couple of  days. 

    The existing times are more proportional to quarterly releases of significant new tech. If it takes a month to build a new fleet, incorporating newly released tech, the player should be able to use that fleet for a couple of quarters. 

    The other massive problem with the tech torrent is how it constantly pushes the power envelope further and further and further. For a brief period, you kept weapon ranges were they were, but in the stuff you've been releasing this year, the range is creeping up and up and up. That's bad. 

    You need to get some clever people in a room and brainstorm how to make interesting, fun, and challenging battle scenarios built around the tech you have (at any given moment). You've gotten really lazy in this regard. The mini-MegaShips, as an example, could have been a nice addition to the  game, except you required us to build new tech to deal with it. Stop and take a minute and reimagine those mini-MegaShips as targets using the tech that existed prior to Manticores. How would that have changed the battle context? Could you have made it even more challenging by allowing multiple fleet types? 

    And the complexity! Simpler games work better. In your need to razzle-dazzle us with new shiny each month, you've made the game close to impossible to understand for the average player. You're inside the box, you live and breathe the stuff every day, you cannot grasp how daunting it would be to a newcomer to enter this complex game world. 

    Back in the Golden Age of the game, it was fun to play. Now, it's not as much fun. What has most significantly changed? The complexity. 

    It should also be mentioned that every time you come up with some clever gimmick, you have to change the algorithms to make work -- lets's face it, your history of releasing quality, bug-free code is abysmal. Every time you release new content, you introduce new bugs. Slowing down the torrent of content will give you more time to do things like (gasp!) Quality Control and testing. Buggy code is not fun. 
  • Grouchy_MF
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    Repair Time
    Half repair during raids is the only time repairs are reasonable the only option on the list i don't have an issue with is structure build and upgrade times. Chores i just auto now so not a big deal. But we all know that repair times will not be addressed in any meaningful way the newest hull is a fine example of how repairs are going in the wrong direction we all know manticores repair time is to high now with the release of the proto apollo it has 5 armor slots vs 4 on the manticore so it is 22 minute longer when full dead that is an 1 hour 50 minutes longer for a full fleet 

  • BattlePirate_BlackShark
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    Repair Time
    The crazy repairingtime is one of the biggest issues in the game.
    If i only can pick one thing from the poll, then its the repairingtime.
    Its not funny, if you lose your latest generation PvE fleet during a crash.

    If you cant decrease the repairingtime, then you should create flagships again with a healing ability!
    The Gutspill Skyfire Carrier was an awesome PvE flagship, the new PvE flagships are more...meh.
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  • XziizX 2.0
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    Content Overload
    How about * do not screw us with raid uping the  damage / armor on targets?

    When ever you are answering what "players first" is or isn't on the page you are really answering your self and debating for your self to justify your actions to us in a matter that makes your decisions in your own mind be the best for the company and the players. 

    I can 100% relate to that as that the company I work for has the same mentality.  I am working for an ISP, our main product is connectivity via fiber optics, we have a partner to add TV just to make our product a "I must have". Our mentality is "customer fist" or "customer is our boss", often the customer don't understand how a project works and thinks "I ordered internet 2 weeks ago, where is it?". They do not understand the concept off digging up the streets to cable it up etc.

    As we see this wee understand that the customer is king / boss, and  we understand that we need to provide more information on how building new infrastructure hangs together with permits of digging, landowners etc. We acknowledge this and are forming new  ways of enlighten our customers to understand the way of a buy / delivery chain. 

     There is also a rule of how / when / how often an entrepreneur can dig in the same spot, in Norway that is 2 years and need to be sent in to the government for approval . Meaning that we could sell fiber optics in an area in 2016, but in 2017 the government is planning a new water line so we cant start until then. Anyhow we have learned during the years and can now provide the information at the sales point

    My point is:

    Players first / customer is king how ever you like it, where  are you without us? Where are we without a signed contract on a fiber connection? We and you can redesign what is player first in meetings, forums or discord. But in the end of the day, the players are your bread and butter. 

    Screw  me once, shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. Screw me  a  3rd time, I use the coins I got from a ticket, but not a cent more. And there is where I am at this point. 

    My trust in Ki goes this far: In 6 month we see a new lead gs and new  promises   
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  • Milo-Ant
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    Content Overload
    can we have a choice for prizes added halfway through raids please?
  • greg.dellinger.9
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    Repair Time
    not sure but I voted repair times. Chores are a very close second. A look at this chart explains why repair times are getting worse by the day. Chores that we are required to do now taking obscene repair times.
  • carl.wear.3
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    Hull Build Time
    Why are hull build time and refit time not lumped together as they BOTH relate to shipbuilding. Having them separate just divides the vote so it doesn't appear as big an issue as it really is.
  • sebastion41
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    Repair Time
    Repair times, build times and refit times are all too much. They all need to be reduced.
  • Hoot343
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    Repair Time
    Hull build time & content overload are close tho,,,,
  • Lady Cat
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    Repair Time
    I would have to say repair time because when I want to play, I want to be ABLE to play and that is usually what stops me.  Whether I am repairing for a raid a tlc the fm or my base, then something is stopping me from playing.  Coining repairs is ok sometimes but when its for chores it hurts more.  Because chores are something you HAVE to do in game to keep up.  Its not really a choice.  And for those that want it all, its not a choice.  lol.  
  • NotNigel
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    All the Chores
    Again with my choice of too much chores. It's really hard to ignore that there's just too much of it in this game. Repair time is my biggest issue right now but the number of chores to do is mostly the reason why the repairs seem to extensive. When you have to do so many chores and gather so many resources daily/weekly, it's not hard to see that it's mostly the chores that are stopping most from having fun. Would reducing repairs solve this problem? No. Would reducing the amount of chores solve the repair problem? Also no, but I can't help but feel they are some way related to each other and that's just slowing me down from having fun.
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    Repair Time
    Here is the problem with repair time... Its always sucked, but up until a few cycles ago it was avoidable. There was a very distinct change in targets not too long ago where targets could no longer be "mastered" and damage became guaranteed. Our ships no longer out-ranged enemy ships allowing for skilled drivers to slither through targets, not all weapons could be countered with the right measures, and no amount of charged armor or researched building could provide even the best drivers with cover. Sure, you had to be perfect, focused, smart, and savvy but that meant something - now its a game of managing the mandatory damage. That is when repair times became an issue. Both the cannoneer and ironclad have base repair times of over 3h, skyfires 3h, phoenix 2.5h, monoliths 2.5h, rhinos 2h... so while repair times have crept up slowly over time (as one would expect), its been the change in target designs that have made repair times the issue. 

    Refit time is the number 2 issue. Mainly because its no longer building ships and making adjustments as the cycle progresses, you are required to build out fast in order to get the mid-cycle released upgraded content which is necessary in order to compete in the final raid of the cycle and then in the TLC and map targets. Those upgrades are not optional. Players are no longer building a fleet and tweaking it, they are basically building it twice during the cycle. It used to be a matter of building the raid fleet and then having a month or two to focus on other fleets - a defender or a conqueror, etc. Whereas now, player's shipyards will spend 3 months building and refitting the same fleet over as they accumulate the limited items that become available - when are people supposed to squeeze in FM fleet builds or work on a chore fleet they missed?
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
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    All the Chores
    Repair time makes the game more expensive but the chores are what is forcing many players out of the game and I might soon follow suit.
  • rob.croft.7
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    Hull Build Time
    not sure but I voted repair times. Chores are a very close second. A look at this chart explains why repair times are getting worse by the day. Chores that we are required to do now taking obscene repair times.
    It's actually much worse than chart shows. Build a 5th standard Skyfire. Run all 5 until dead then 3/4 repair with flag, in a salvage. Rinse & repeat. My flag will 3/4 repair x6 standard boats (with 10/25,200 hp each) before it dies. All you get from the mantis is a day off lol.
  • jdskor
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    Repair Time
    All Of The Above ( You can start with the repair times first)
  • The Joker 40
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    Maybe go back to farmville as these guys not listening
  • Rammstein
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    Hull Build Time
    I picked what I did becuse the way the game is currently constructed build and refit time are not really seperate items. Raid cycles are designed so that you build a fleet and each raid demands refits to the raid fleet so seperating them is irrelevant. The same applies to the FM fleets. Its just constantly building and rebuilding the same flleets. Hint, most end users do not percive building and rebuilding the same fleets, especially at weeks per, as different and engaging tasks. I would also say all the chores, specifically the FM for me, are drudgery, or not engaging gameplay as it were. Can I do twenty five FM targets each week? Yes. Will I choose to do so over other options I have in my life? No. Compared to the average human I am an extreme introvert and have very little to choose from in the way of social activities so keep that in mind when deciding how far you can push the average player. I will reach the point of “Ive got better things to do” later than most and Im riding that line now. It is the very reason I dont recomend the game to others. If i wasnt already invested I would do what they would do. Decide the game is too much time or coin with too many bugs (glitches for the PC crowd) for too little long term reward compared to other available games.
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  • hanz heizer
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    Well,not easy to say cause ALL of them points are bad.
  • Dario Wilkowski
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    Repair Time
    If I could drop 3 votes instead of just 1 i would go for in following order that I hate to the root most:
    1. Repair Time -   -->That one is pure insanity since Manticore came out, while base repair would be so so, with Armor etc it get to the insane lvl

    2. Hull Build Time -->Take ages to build any new Hull even empty shell, but with all stuff its just get out of worst nightmare

    3. Refit Time        -->Refit time its painful tho not as bad as other two above. Whats make me irritated is that we are excessively charged(time), for removal/replacing stuff on Hull, while adding stuff to empty slot is fine removing/replacing shouldnt add time
  • Fubar_17
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    Content Overload
    It's good that you are looking to the community for feedback and I thank you for that. It's definitely a step in the right direction. I also hope that while you ask us to make one choice that you don't work on fixing only that or even the top three. Aside from bacon, all of the options you've listed both here and in the initial survey need attention
  • maddad
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    Repair Time
    Voted repair time,because while PvP rep times are not to bad, PvE is way out of whack,15 to 20 hrs rep if you mess up or get sniped doing a chore or raid chore  is just too much,if was cheaper would coin n carry on,but with the times that high,its dock hit rep log off instead
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  • Nomad59
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    Hull Build Time
    there needs to be an all of the above button....
  • Somali-Sid
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    All the Chores
    Repair & build times suck but if we didn't have so many events adding content then we would not need to build or refit as much, so you kill 2 (3?) flies with 1 stone.
    If you lower chores then we don't need as much time from the repair queue as heck, didn't have to spend hours on hours getting parts/titanium causing long damage near end..
    So fix chores & content overdose to have a positive impact on repair, refit and build times.

    Yes cost for baser repairs still be up there but those are not that bad compared to chore fleets.
    Check out raid. Can't even auto T8 targets without massive damage while you got 100% resist (yes, 99.99999984% whatever, bottom line, its high and we still take huge repair times))
  • XVIII-Luna
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    Repair Time
    I don't think ANY fleet should be dead more than 6 hours.
    Not even Tier 99 hulls, because they don't get their stats updated to let them keep up with the times despite how rare and "powerful" they are supposed to be. They should have the standard repair modifier like everything else. Repair times are the insult to the injury of the long build and refit time.
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  • Game is Trash
    Game is Trash
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    Repair Time
    Not sure why we are having a final 4 this isn't the ncaa but ok.

    Repair times on the pve end of things are insane.I have said it numerous times no chore fleet should take at a max 12 hours to repair.Yet somehow repair times keep escalating and so do the damages that we take.
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    Hull Build Time
    Most of the choices are very annoying.  I put hull build time, but repair time and building build time are tied with it.  
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