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Looking for Active Alliance

Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 1
Hi, looking for active alliance as I am an active player. Hope to have more lively alliance that can chat frequently and discuss strategy. Am only lvl 40 though
  • SOG WeeklyChief3
    SOG WeeklyChief3
    Joined Aug 2018 Posts: 2

    Not sure if you’re still looking but it sounds like SOG (SpecOps Group) would fit perfectly with what you’re looking for. We have about 350 members total, spread across different groups with similar levels. Highly organized, lots of communication (we use the Discord app), and the more experienced players are an invaluable source of info and actively help lower level players improve. Just last week we had a highly organized attack where each group of 50 was responsible for taking 2 control points. We pretty much took control of the entire map. No other alliance has that level of communication and organization. Let me know if you’re interested.

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