8.29 VXP Weekend

  • Davo the Twisted
    Davo the Twisted
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    Correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm sure someone will, lol) but if I remember correctly in the 105 targets from previous VXP events we got VXP from BOTH damage taken and damage given but in this current VXP event (with the same 105 target as before) seems to be only giving VXP for damage taken and not any VXP for damage given. 
    I've noticed this as well while ranking my 2nd Manticore fleet.

    Also, the 105s are not awarding defender VXP tokens when destroyed
  • 283DEATH
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    I logged in and it said the 105 targets were up and running. I activated a 2 star salty and launched my fleet. No 105's available. I searched for 50 minutes until the sallty time ran out. Please return a new 2 star salty to my account. 'That is the only 2 star salty ive managed to get in months of trying. Please and thank you.
  • Shimrra
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    I'm newish and the 55 fleets give me 10 VPX like everything else. Am I doing it wrong or is it actually pointless?
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    i hit one 105 and my versago got  to two star from one the second time my versago icebreaker didnt  get nothing"""
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