Letter from Will Harbin about the Future of Battle Pirates

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    Marcia you horrible but funny LOL

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    Too little. Too late. Most of the players are gone already. Next raid a majority of the remaining players won't be able to get the new raid hull. Then another mass quit is going to happen. On the plus side, the servers won't be as strained.

    Suggestions: Don't flood us with hull after hull all at once. Don't make us refit five times in one raid series. Stop changing fm so much. Add a dummy, "are you sure you want to spend x gold on this" pop-up window so glitches and accidents don't cause us to spend gold on stuff we didn't want. Ship repairs is a good example of that.
    remove the intentional delays they added to "start repair" etc (added for no reason other than to discourage people from micro repair and/or repairing ships individually)
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    Live long.... and Battle Pirates! 
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    At this point, it seems kix/Will are at square one on figuring out how to resolve and/or improve.  The only thing acknowledged is that something is wrong with no specifications.

    At this point, need to assume the calendar of events remain constant including the next raid, perhaps longer.

    This probably will take some time further testing the community's patience.
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    Been playing this game since summer of 2012. I quit last December, 2017, and lost all interest to the game. In the beginning it was fun. Progressively, the fun has been disappearing. There was a time that the map was red with all the activity. It's been a few years since I've seen that. Also, I haven't seen new players and when I do they don't last long. I still have interest/curiosity, but I don't think I'll be back. But then "never say never again". There is no balance of power when it comes to base hitting. I guess that was a big turn off for me. No matter what I did to my base, baser would come in destroy my base and leave without a scratch. Then they would move on to other bases and kill a sector. Just not right. But it doesn't matter since I lost all interest.
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    All I know is the game isn't anywhere fun as it used to be. I don't seem to care much if i play much anymore. I typically get 300-400 million per raid, last raid i got 58 mil, and i dont care. I hope you guys can make this game fun again, because seems like i'm
    on my way out of here

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    May 2nd marked the seven year anniversary of Battle Pirates - a game I'm incredibly proud of. Over the years we've seen exciting new factions, incredible player tributes, and tons of emergent gameplay. But if there's one thing I've learned in my tenure, it's this:

    Complacency is death.

    Unfortunately, Battle Pirates has become a bog of complacency. A lack of diligence has allowed balance-breaking bugs to escape and go unnoticed for months. A lack of community engagement has caused us to lose touch with the speed that players can realistically progress. A lack of planning has forced the team to wildly over-tune stats, targets, and events in order to shoehorn value into new content.

    All because of complacency. Well, complacency isn’t going to cut it and it’s time for us to right this ship. So what are we doing to fix this?

    First, I’ve put a new leadership team in place. Our issues don’t stem from the talented individuals working long, difficult hours to execute on the nuts-and-bolts of the game, it’s about how we’re deploying those resources. Heading up that leadership team is our new GM, Michael Rubinelli. A State of the Game post will go up in the next few weeks in which he will discuss the long-term look for Battle Pirates. Additionally, our new Lead Designer WrongThinker will be putting up a post on Wednesday introducing himself, as well as the second part of our correction strategy, which I will now spoil.

    Battle Pirates has adopted a philosophy that dictates everything we do. It’s simple: “Players First.” Content and features will continue to ship, because that’s how the game is supported, but with every new feature, we will always ask: how does this enhance the player experience? How does this make a player’s life better? Easier? More fun? If the only answer to why we’re putting something in the game is money - I don’t want it in the game.

    Finally, we’re tripling down on our community engagement efforts. Expect to see more developer presence, more AMAs, more live streams, more unadulterated proof that the Battle Pirates team is exactly as invested in the continued success and longevity of this game as you are.

    The fact that we’re in this position is no one’s fault but our own. The time of complacency is over. You’ve shown us that you’re here for the long haul, and it’s time for us to show you that we’re here for it too.

    Long live Battle Pirates!

    Will Harbin


    I'll believe it when I see it.  It's to much like work and no fun. In the Navy we had a saying if it ain't broke don't fix it.  to much fixing and now it's broke.  thinking about quitting altogether 
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    I as well, will take a wait see on this.  Seen this so many times, worded slightly different each time and things just keep trucking along in the same old fashion.  Higher costs, more damage, the tech does not keep up with the targets and things just keep getting further out of balance.  I hope for once, this message actually rings true and that we start to see real improvements.  Simply throwing a mass of new content at everyone just makes it worse.
  • Chuck Saunders
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    I as well, will take a wait see on this.  Seen this so many times, worded slightly different each time and things just keep trucking along in the same old fashion.  Higher costs, more damage, the tech does not keep up with the targets and things just keep getting further out of balance.  I hope for once, this message actually rings true and that we start to see real improvements.  Simply throwing a mass of new content at everyone just makes it worse.
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    dont belive a word of it. heard it all before. to little to late. most players have already left and kixeyes reputation is mud. simple, no one trusts kixeye. 

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    it was fun back when we got hit people in sector would come to help fvf  everywhere, now no one comes to help as fleet repairs are way to long now no one wants to tie up dock.. with all the chores  and and resources required (titanium, uranium and base parts) fm... no one has time to help defend sector anymore that was a fun part of game. well a part i really enjoyed anyway!!!
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    Well as a long time player who as hung around since the "black water days" and remembers what the game WAS like-I am encouraged by what Will says. The last time Will took the time to speak out was when the Graphics and ship designs were changed several years ago. I feel Will should be MORE involved in the game and talking to the players more often-say at least a couple of times a year. There is absolutely no doubt the game is headed toward a dead-end the way it's going currently. The stats HAVE gotten ridiculous and the balance has been off for too long. I would welcome any positive change on the game that, like you said Will, not there to generate coins. Many of us are tired of words with little action and sometimes down right lies. Enough of this. Thanks much for speaking up. I will be watching to see how things progress.
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    Hurry and fill out the survey. I think there's probably more information here on forums they could look at than they will get in the surveys. Either way, both will be ignored.
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    Will is not exactly lying, he is just talking to the select group of coiners who are ( in Kix's view ) carrying this game. The rest of us are regarded as non players, debris clinging to the ship.

    Which shows that Will has learned nothing in his time, he should have sacked himself. One does not kill a snake by shedding the skin, but by removing the head.

    He should be talking to those players, but he sure as hell should start to take the rest into account as well. Every player are important to many aspects of the game, even non coiners.

    So in my opinion nothing will change until he recognises this and the way to start is to re-open the 'ticket/reporting' for everyone.

    And then to start balancing the game by always starting from the non coiner first and work your way up to the pleasure of the whale. Not easy but could be simple if your approach is different.

    Just look at what he did. He fired the team and appointed a new lead designer to rectify the ship. This guy have obviously impressed Will with a vision and direction for the game, cause it will be revealed. It has been decided and accepted, just like the Mega fiasco, Mission fiasco, Bounty turning into another fiasco.

    So where does the players first feature? Which one of you cow'lol'persons gave them info of what players want and why were we excluded.....again.
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    First survey question: What is your user ID#?

    That's profiling and discrimination. 
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    lmao.  I once spent a christmas raid bustin my hump and over 50 dollars worth of coin to win the DNX hull. I spent 3 weeks building and kitting a fleet out and then on the next raid, It was instantly rendered obsolete and unusable.  I then built another fleet with lauchers and they did well for 6 months but werent the best.  Now their range has been gimped as well as their speed.  The Atlas carrier used to be slow but not a snail and now its been gimped to the point of uselessness as they wont travel even with Speed System 6.  Never again will I coin for this game.
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    Glad i gave up the game 2 months ago i just log on once in a while to say hi to old friends , by no longer playing  and coinning i have saved over $600.00 . all i can say is gl to those who chose to still play and coin in this dying game 
    So, tell me then-why are you wasting our time posting stuff like this? IF you are gone-goodbye. We don't need any more negative BS from so called "retired" or ex-players.
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    People Like me that have left after years of play and lies mostly trashed their structures and base as to not get the idea of coming back.
    You have already lost players that have put 1000's of hour into the game and $$$ and they will not come back to have to rebuild everything again.

    Have a little pride and admit you have killed the game and just put it down link the lame dog that it's become.
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    Mr. Harbin,

    Good luck with this latest attempt to pacify what is left of your customer's for BP.  I used to say that someday I would 'Rage Quit' but then something happened about 4 1/2 years ago when the game started to shift from a player vs player game to a KIXEYE vs player game.  About that time it was realized that Rage quitting would no longer be possible.  The shift even took that from me and that sucks.  Some may ask .. 'Why can you no longer rage quit?'  

    "It's impossible to Rage Quit now that Kixeye has taken all of the 'give a shyt' out of the game!  I really wanted to rage quit, I really did!"

    Battle Pirates - incredible game that was killed way before it's time.


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    Its not complacency its the ignorance! Over the last few years hundereds of players have told you where you went wrong and in most cases what was needed to fixit. But instead we have had more n more added that no one needed or wanted. And the simplest things over looked. 6 years we have demanded a dry dock nothing almost as long we asked for a auto repair or instant dock we have just got that now. Too much content and as soon as people get time to build fleets now everything needs its own fleets fm, titan, uranium, ect none of which was ever needed we were fine grinding it out before. So NO not anyone will believe what they say until we see things in action
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    First survey question: What is your user ID#?

    That's profiling and discrimination. 
    all that does is tell them 1) you actually play  and 2) how long you have been playing..

    how is it profiling and discrimination?  

    me thinks you do not know the meaning of the words.

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    Methinks you need to grow a sense of humor :)
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    Ok this sounds like a great message so i will finally give feedback again to get up the game again where it was once a game that is verry enjoyable.

    Background Information: I started Battle Pirates about 7 Years back when, the Black water days been around far behind the first Raid. Now some will say how thats possible you got an 17,9 mil ID. I can say thats right but my original ID is 1,8Mil but Kixeye made the game more like a job until 2015. It was hard to keep up with stuff in the very limited time i have as CEO of a company with 100 employes. So i decided to stop playing after i spend a total amout of 35.000$ into the game.... I gave my Kixeye.com access to my base to someone to play it because she was asking for my base with super updated stuff and as i did not planned to come back i given it to her. After a brake of 1,5 years i felt like it's time to try BP again. I asked her to give me my base back. But she said she want to keep it and she paied some coins also into it so i thought ok in that case  i start a new one. Even if my old base is strated on my reallife Facebook account and i spend a lot more than her into it it felt wrong to take it back after she took care about it for 1,5 years. I could have easyly taken it back but i decided not to do it and start a new on at Kixeye.com only. After i got this base fully updated with new stuff she told me that she lost track on the old base and shes retiering. I logged in back in my old base to see it's totally outdated i already spend about 15.000 USD to my new base at that point and asked your consumer support to move the stuff from this Base to the stuff from this base to my old ID which should be just one ID change for a developer in the Database. so it wout take maybe 10-30 mins for the 45.000USD you got by me to make me able to join test servers and play via BP app. But the answer was we dont do this( Deafault answer for a player that spend that much and just want to play by FB also. Let me say i'm was not really suprised by that support i got there.

    Changes that are needed:

    - A paied Premium Support were we can pay for better and faster support like some other companys do. 

    - A massive slow down on stuff released 

    -A massive reduction of complexity specially PVP is needed. By the current complexity you almost need a different setup for every Base you planing to hit if you want to keep it that complicated then make us build stuff like wapons specials and Amor and just swap it between the ships like you do with Mega Modules on mega Hulls. I personally would still like to see a reduction of starts and complexity in feature more than keep it that complicated but if you want it i'm almost sure i cant change it.

    - A lot less Jobs let us enjoy the game and do not tell us what we have to do 2 hours a day. I've got an idea how to do that make the stuff you release possible to claim by PVP or PVE and not by one of this. Most of your best paying players are only interested in PVP so we hate doing jobs like Raids FM TLC and other stuff it takes us away time we have to play your game. But thers also a big amount of low paying players and player that play for free that love PVE. So i Suggest make the Prizes avalable for all.

    - Another Point is i play this base for 1,5 Years now and i spend about 15.000$ Into it and i'm already at dock capacity. It feels hard to scrap hulls that are not even 2 years old. Also i still dont get why you limtit that anyways it's nice to see old tropys there and just launch em on the maps even if they woth nothing anymore.

    - Mega Hulls like the nemesis, hellstar caedes... if you ask me they should never be outdated they very hard to earn and verry expencive also in my opinion you should give them always retrofits to make them stay usefull in game you can make the requirements for those retros high maybe something like we need to fill uranium 10 times and need to wait 40-50 days to get it ready but i really hate that those beatiful hulls not on map anymore.

    -Guard Alliance Members: There has to be a change on that feature there are some big Alliances that have some of their members Guarded almost 24 hours a day and as they have about 100 members that makes it possible to make bases unbeatable because on some very good bases you need to prep some stuff to make it in even with the most updated fleets. So i personally would love to see that feature getting removed. If not would be ok if it tunes a bit for example a cooldown if someone got a guard theres a cooldown after each guard for 60 minutes. or make it a challange were the attacker can mark a base for a challange and from that time it's not allowed to put a new guard on for next 60 minutes. The way it's curently i prep a base spend 30 coins on the repairs of my fleet then it gets guard. Sometimes i'm in mode to kill the guard but then next guard there at this point i finally decide to logout of bp cause it makes no sence for me to keep fighting alöl those guards all time it's superboring... Also basefleets most time not made to fight guard fleets so if i get catched i just get stupid repair. 


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    STORM1961 said:
    You NEED to bring back the DUB's! When a player needs 200,000 uranium, and no fleet to do the SSRB's, you get at a standstill. And hitting targets getting 50 uranium at a time isn't working. You've lost reality on this situation.
    Heres the problem with that - though I think its a good idea - what will they do with these Protos? Ive had the time and tokens (not coin) to build 5 of each, with the tides being disappointingly "finished" and the cents only being partially done, but then what? If they were to go back to the DUB then it screws those who were following them in their direction, and any release of a new target will be met with continued criticism for releasing too much content that is out of reach for players.

    Perhaps a mix of half Dubs and half SSRBs, with the SSRBs being new and paying out more would be a compromise but I feel like they are damned if they do and damned if they dont. 
    I have a hard time believing that we are dealing with a company that is brilliantly scamming us AND entirely incompetent. 

    This is a private company in a capitalist market trying to make money - your money. Give it to them, or don't - but don't fault them for trying. 
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    Two ideas (Ship Parts and Chore bases) that would be easy to implement programatically and address alot of the issues frequently complained about in the forums:

    1. SHIP PARTS - Could be used on everything except latest tier hulls; use existing basepart functionality [less development work for you guys!]; Make them co-op targets with rewards split evenly, or high level players can do solo (sound familiar?). Will engage and benefit experienced players while helping to welcome and retain lower levels at the same time. If needed, incorporate a low level AI fleet that populates for single players or those not in an alliance. They can be difficult, with payouts based on how much they complete in one attack (NOT all-or-nothing). Use the SSRBs you already have built and return the DUBs to address the uranium complaints or vice versa. Maybe they could run during threat yellow, and have 4 corners, one each for the main fleet types so that everyone can use them regardless of the cycle in which they joined). Great job thinking these up, but they're just not worth it now to build new fleets just to get chore resources. This way, the increasingly long build times can be countered by those who really want to catch up or get ahead. It also would remove the need for generic tokens (which are so limited now, it really seems like greed has taken over..) GIVE PLAYERS WHAT THEY NEED TO GET THE FLEETS TO DO BETTER IN RAIDS AND, IN TURN, FUTURE CHORE BASES as described next.

    2. CHORE BASES - Use previous cycle raid bases (on a rolling basis) for chores AND DONT CHANGE THEM FROM THEIR INITIAL OFFERING. Chores are something we should be used to doing and able to do regularly without having huge repair bills. For new players, gift them the $10 fleet from the last raid to get them started. If they don't take advantage of it, oh well, won't cost anything except an outdated set of pixels, and save you some bandwidth and server resources if they can't hack it. This also means you can devote more time and resources to successful (and WELL tested) raid bases that will in turn have a longer shelf life for y'all and continue to benefit the player as they stick around in the game. This will also address the idea of slowing things down, as promised months ago...
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