Letter from Will Harbin about the Future of Battle Pirates

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May 2nd marked the seven year anniversary of Battle Pirates - a game I'm incredibly proud of. Over the years we've seen exciting new factions, incredible player tributes, and tons of emergent gameplay. But if there's one thing I've learned in my tenure, it's this:

Complacency is death.

Unfortunately, Battle Pirates has become a bog of complacency. A lack of diligence has allowed balance-breaking bugs to escape and go unnoticed for months. A lack of community engagement has caused us to lose touch with the speed that players can realistically progress. A lack of planning has forced the team to wildly over-tune stats, targets, and events in order to shoehorn value into new content.

All because of complacency. Well, complacency isn’t going to cut it and it’s time for us to right this ship. So what are we doing to fix this?

First, I’ve put a new leadership team in place. Our issues don’t stem from the talented individuals working long, difficult hours to execute on the nuts-and-bolts of the game, it’s about how we’re deploying those resources. Heading up that leadership team is our new GM, Michael Rubinelli. A State of the Game post will go up in the next few weeks in which he will discuss the long-term look for Battle Pirates. Additionally, our new Lead Designer WrongThinker will be putting up a post on Wednesday introducing himself, as well as the second part of our correction strategy, which I will now spoil.

Battle Pirates has adopted a philosophy that dictates everything we do. It’s simple: “Players First.” Content and features will continue to ship, because that’s how the game is supported, but with every new feature, we will always ask: how does this enhance the player experience? How does this make a player’s life better? Easier? More fun? If the only answer to why we’re putting something in the game is money - I don’t want it in the game.

Finally, we’re tripling down on our community engagement efforts. Expect to see more developer presence, more AMAs, more live streams, more unadulterated proof that the Battle Pirates team is exactly as invested in the continued success and longevity of this game as you are.

The fact that we’re in this position is no one’s fault but our own. The time of complacency is over. You’ve shown us that you’re here for the long haul, and it’s time for us to show you that we’re here for it too.

Long live Battle Pirates!

Will Harbin


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    Every Raid I see Will Harbin become Will Ferrell

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    well i havent been on the game for over 4 months now , dont miss it or the bull about this and that changing- it has gone crazy, lies, not to mention 1000 MPH switches between things, waaaaaaaaaaaaay to fast for me and lost interest and the fun...... doubt I will be back unless you prove to us this is not just more words - As the old saying goes, Words dont come easy but in the case of the game its what we have been fed  
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    my 2 cents. Utilize proficient and intelligent battle pirate players to help sort thru game mechanics before its released. Also utilize them for constant feedback after release. I have been fortunate to play with some real thinkers and learned a lot from them over the years. I am sure they are many possible candidates across the spectrum of player base and alliances. To be the best you must get the "Best" on your team to consult. Also Don't judge players upset at the game because they had every right to be upset IMHO
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    Just words,not more.

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