Best Way to start from scratch

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I used to play this game years ago. 
It has all changed so much and i have started again. 
How on earth should i do it?
How do i get to these good units when i am starting with legacy? 
  • Gtelhom
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    start by getting some help with thor to build the liberator surviors faction unit,  it's a good basic unit that will help you get the oil/metal needed to upgrade your base.
    keep upgrading thor vault and metal/oil storage accordingly, to be able to build the other basic faction units.
    after you've gathered all the basic units, now you're able to do vk50 thor bases with minimum repair time ( i do them with 10 liberators and 5 spartan all at level 5 ).
    find a good alliance that can help, you will need it to get the other units scrambled on the world map. soon herald base is coming back so it will be a really good addition to your arsenal.
    if you can attack other players do it, to get the weekly medal payout which can be used on the gear store to get some more units; this month the corpus faction Phalanx is on sale for 95k medals, if you can grab a couple of them it will help you alot. i recommand getting couple of talon units they are cheap and can help you get alot of oil/metal easily, you can usit in drone silo after you get better air units.
    the monthly event coming in 5 days, find help to do the first 3 bases to earn some free units and  some xp to spend on event store
    all this needs alot of patience and luck with the help.
    ( this is what i did 2 months ago, now im level 32 with herald/blackout and elite titan which are really good items )
    that's all i did and it worked for me 
    GL :) 

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