repete hits???

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I know I don't know anything about this game but when one hits me 3 or 7 times without making a bubble makes me step back... How can this happen and what can be done to stop this?
  • jrodjr64
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    I agree, if you bust your bubble you can be be open for 10 minutes before you get a bubble which hurt the honest players. Kixeye made this change for 69 and ring of fire which I don't think it works because we still have players doing so. They should get rid of PVP
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    The PVP rule addressed a tactical exploit where players would attack, take a friendly bubble and then attack again.  The attacking players would repeat the process over and over denying any possibility of a counter-strike.   The new rule still gives you a bubble after your first flat, but if you break it and attack again your next bubble is delayed 10 minutes.  
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    i get samje thing all u get from kixeye more and more excuses 

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