Planet - spawning fleets

Jonathan Hagen
Jonathan Hagen
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Didn't see a specific bug report thread, but all planets have stopped launching fleets (Vega, as well as all crafting fleets) as of the start of the Vsec active event that started at 2PM EST. No non-player fleets are launching from planets at all. 
  • James Shandy43
    James Shandy43
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    Seems kixeye don’t care about the game as long as they are still getting there money.

  • Junren-JS
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    Issue seems to have been solved.  For the record, I reported it as soon as I noticed.  Being that it was on a Saturday, and most Kixeye Developers were off of work for the weekend, it took them a bit of time to fully address the issue.  Closing answered thread. 
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