8.24 Summer State of the Game: Players First

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    Shimrra said:
    Relatively new player here, first forum post, lvl57 so far... The lag I can handle, grudgingly. The lack of information, or transparency, not so much.

    Made my account with Kixeye instead of Facebook because I didn't know anything, now I can't use the app. Not cool.

    I can't find out anything without asking people in my alliance or public chat, because there's not enough in-game help and very little up-to-date info online. And there's no longer anyone who knows how to advise me. Definitely not catering to new players, as I have heard from the devs about this personally.

    FMs offer a way in - provided someone higher up spoon-feeds you points or directs you to the vulnerable 111 bases. Otherwise, no not really. And the rewards aren't exactly easy to figure out, not when there's one of the best things sitting in Prize Pool 2 for a whole 8k points. I don't know what prizes I should be getting before they become unavailable, if that's a thing that will happen.

    I currently have 4 Punishers, 5 Citadels, 2 Icebreakers and a Monolith. I can't do any of those weekly campaigns that keep appearing, so no Skyfires or Proto-anythings for me. Working on a 23-day build or something, don't know if I will get the tokens to polish it off because I don't know what the FM schedule is or how it interacts with raids or anything else.

    And I've been mauled by lvl100-something players' fleets a few times. Absolutely nothing I can do about that. Not fun, not good for keeping me interested - having my already-lengthy Outpost upgrade stalled for a few hours because I was asleep when I got hit and then another eight hours while the thing repairs. At least the dock is no longer getting locked down like the first time, but its still not ideal.

    And I'm totally 100% in the dark about any event that isn't a FM thing.

    Just prefer to get answers a lot more easily, I think.

    Oh and I can't change my goddamn profile pic, I keep trying and it reverts to the grenade. *sigh*
    sry to tell you this m8 but kix dont care about new or returning players none of us are the future all their trying to do is milk us coiners until they finish the phone app then the bp severs will be shut down
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    lol it's far worse than that. This is what they are up to now.....


    If you read the lower part it neatly translates into " Kix has become masterful in screwing their players for the utmost amount"

    They have "frog in hot water" conditioned players into spending, spending, spending over the years.

    They are already working on something different, as game development has turned into a complete flop post 2012.

    Too bad Dean Takahashi didn't do more research before writing his article. The most  correct thing is Kixeye making a name for themselves, he just didn't check what sort of name they've made ......

    They way BP runs they'll likely create SKYNET & destroy us all :)

    They're calling in Greenpeace...to save the vanishing whales. Greenpeace showed up, looked around, shook their heads sadly, and said it's hopeless....

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    State of the Game: Players First
    Summer 2018 Edition

    the next lie and bullchit storry  GFYS  no one trust you longer RAMPAGE

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    When Kixeye became laser focussed on communication in 2017, it got worse and they stopped listening.

    When Kixeye said they would restore the PvP balance in the game and reduce the massive swings in 2018, it got worse and the swings got bigger.

    So when Kixeye says they are putting 'Players First' forgive us when we stare with disbelief and respond with laughter.

    Words will not fix the mess the game is in right now. Actions are required Kixeye and much, much, much better communication.
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    By players first .... Do they mean Players first to quit..... then friends of employee's... then employee's .... then pull the plug.... That's what it sounds like to me.
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    well, being a returning player after a year hiatus, I can tell you that the game is harder now to play catch up. Plus changing the Drac bases have hurt me with having tier 5 or ships to get uranium and base parts with out the new fleets. I can see why low level players are quitting Kix has made it almost impossible for them or even I to get what you need without spending money on newer fleets. Free game became pay to play. :(

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    RABBIT1 said:
    The only time they even nodded towards putting the players needs first, was when they where called The Casual Collective. Thats when the likes of Dave Scott and Swag where around.

    Then they changed to Kixeye, and thats when the rot really started to set in, the game went from a pure PvP game into PvP with a small element of PvE, to what we have now.

    The game wouldn't have survived as it was, it needed to diversifier its appeal to draw in new players and maintain interest of the established players. Kix then dropped in to the fact that we tend to want everything now, and so the game started to accelerate its content release, so kix could capitalize on our desire to be the best.

    Now its gotten to the state that we see today,
    Kix wouldn't recognise a truthful statement if it smacked them in the face, and even if they do announce something, it then gets hi-jacked and buggerised into something completely different.
    They flounder from one disaster to the next, and in-spite of that we still keep playing, to varying degree's, not because of what kix does, but because under all of the crap, this game can be still very entertaining, not because of kix in-spite of them.
    Imagine how good his game could be with someone competent in charge.

    The two main architects of the games direction over the course of the recent past, have both now left.

    Does this mean the game will change in both style and content, to the better
    Transfer to Html has been muted as being in development, is this still going to happen
    When will the new GD be announced, and will they be given the freedom to slow the pace and allow the game to develop slower

    We the players need to have faith in you, we need to have our fleets last longer than a few months (yes I no there are some exceptions)
    We need to be able to jump through the various hoops that you throw at us, and be able to not have to spend hours on mundane chores
    We will spend our hard earned cash only if the game is enjoyable and we feel that we are not being forced into a corner to do so
    Please revisit your policy of monitizing every aspect of the game, some times we need to have a win
    The new players and non coining players are equally as important as all coiners, todays new player/non coiner is potentially tommorows whale

    Finally please stop lurching from one exciting new content to the next (in your eyes) and develop the stuff that already in game R+D lvl 31 anybody.  
    please, no more R&D = another CHORE
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    Milo-Ant said:
    please, no more R&D = another CHORE
    Can't even start R&D atm let alone do new/more of them
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    There is only one situation where Kixeye considers the Player first and that is when it is time to see who to fleece next.
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