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Holy mountain

Joined May 2018 Posts: 3

Holy mountain lvl65 too difficult. Only way to get past it is you already have himars..else you are screwed. So no way to get 800000 to get the higher level troops

  • specopone
    Joined Jun 2018 Posts: 1

    Of course there is, spend money! The lvl 35 event base has lvl 8 platforms! I’m a 62 and I have lvl 8 platforms. What was kikeye thinking? Oh yeah more money. I’m not spending anymore. This event is stupid hard and buggy as hell. I pay to play, but not when kikeye does something as ridiculous as this, the 55 base could be done for less than 1k oil so to blitz it was 370 gold, now it’s two attacks and 600+ gold to blitz it

  • Php_Federico
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 1

    What happen to this event,. KIXEYE make it very hard..You need a lot of gold to have that 800k xp,. WHAT KIXEYE THINKING!!!! we will spend all our hard earn money to this game?!!!

  • Riki Irawan
    Riki Irawan
    Joined Feb 2017 Posts: 1

    It took 70,000 gold to take all the contents of a new helicopter. That's if in the flash. The rest needs 60 million metal for the production of 8 units. Then it takes about 20 million more metal for promotional costs to lvl 10. it still has not counted about thorium.
    So we need 3 pack $100 of gold for max the new heli. Oh my God...
    is this what is said to be fun? I can buy 1 unit of playstation 4 for it ...

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