8.24 Summer State of the Game: Players First

  • Blackllllll
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    What surprise's me is that no one at Kixeye reads this stuff .
  • MalcolmR
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    Players first???  Hahahaha, I needed a good laugh after the day I had at work, thanks.  More hot air from Kixeye, just like all the other SoTG posts, and next year we will look back and see that it was nothing but another bunch of lies.
  • Sputnik001
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    You are really scrapping the barrel again aren't you Kix....

    A competition in the raid - top global players get a caedes......

    I wonder why you are bringing it out??? To me it is screaming last raid was not high on the $$$ intake, so need to try and get some $$$ back by playing to a players greed and want for a hull, and super hull......

    I just hope players realise that that hull although great is restricted and can only do T7 targets, so the players that would be going for it, normally coin anyway so I doubt there will be a huge increase in revenue from this raid compared to the previous....

    The best way for you Kix to get more $$$$ in this raid, ensure that the damage isnt insane like the last raid....

    But again, the players know that you don't listen, so as to your comments please do not expect anyone to be holding their breathe that you are actually going to follow through on ANYTHING that you say you will do....
  • Casper_SAS
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    Okay, all of this about the Apollo and Zoes Apollo is fantastic, even if they will NOT help in the current assault cycle. Hell, even Skyfires and Phoenix wont help now either. And, has Kixeye addressed the fact that nearly no fleet 99% of us have will be able to crack the SSRB's as has been mentioned MANY times in the discussion thread? With those things being virtually undefeatable, we STILL can not get base parts and uranium for the lower to mid level players. There are very few uranium, titanium and base parts targets around the SSRB when you compare those numbers to the number of players actually IN the sector, fighting to get to the aforementioned targets. Think Kixeye is running for the honor of the most non listening to its players and messing up a game ever by a gaming company award worldwide.
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    OK so in the interests of better communication between KIXEYE and the player base I have a Question regarding the ProtoTide and Proto Cent different players have different game styles mine is one where I only do whats necessary and right now without BP's in the Drak bases there is no need for me to hit them for res of any type [ I don't mind grinding an hour or so if I need to fill something up] So will the Proto's be USABLE in future Raids or only of use for Drak resscorce Bases and if not is there a plan to offer more in the Drak other than heaps of res
  • michael_ v
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    its time to clear out the dead bases and close a world  or 2, bunch everyone up together plane and simple there is to much water for the amount of players u have left
  • Ray_P
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    After all you have done to dis the player base and repeatably lie and mis lead this is supposed to have any creditability?

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  • STORM1961
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    How does a player that has been on a 2 year break, there about, get a level 7 turret? I have blunderbuss and 1 Executioner 2--both of which are not stopping a thing.
  • michael_ v
    michael_ v
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    The 5 players with the most points during the event earn an empty-pre-built Caedes ship!
    this is very nice to give the top 5 coiners a ship im very surprized lmao do they really need a caedes im goin to guess not lol so no extra coin there jokeseye but nice try 
  • Blackllllll
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    STORM1961 said:
    I remember back in the day, like 2013, it took skill and a few fleets to take a base...now fleets go through bases like a hot knife through butter....no skill what-so-ever. Take me back to the skill days.
    But haven't you heard Base's are all over powered !

  • BANZAI_Bill
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    So, now we're being forced to build the proto-centurion. Am I mistaken or wasn't there just two siege fleets created for last raid cycle? What happened to their lifespan huh?

    They seem pretty **** obsolete now... But I guess the forced refits on the buc and hydra for those 4 months to keep up with the elite target was pointless.

    Why are we still being forced garbage constantly. Just once can kixeye keep their **** promises.

  • Shimrra
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    Relatively new player here, first forum post, lvl57 so far... The lag I can handle, grudgingly. The lack of information, or transparency, not so much.

    Made my account with Kixeye instead of Facebook because I didn't know anything, now I can't use the app. Not cool.

    I can't find out anything without asking people in my alliance or public chat, because there's not enough in-game help and very little up-to-date info online. And there's no longer anyone who knows how to advise me. Definitely not catering to new players, as I have heard from the devs about this personally.

    FMs offer a way in - provided someone higher up spoon-feeds you points or directs you to the vulnerable 111 bases. Otherwise, no not really. And the rewards aren't exactly easy to figure out, not when there's one of the best things sitting in Prize Pool 2 for a whole 8k points. I don't know what prizes I should be getting before they become unavailable, if that's a thing that will happen.

    I currently have 4 Punishers, 5 Citadels, 2 Icebreakers and a Monolith. I can't do any of those weekly campaigns that keep appearing, so no Skyfires or Proto-anythings for me. Working on a 23-day build or something, don't know if I will get the tokens to polish it off because I don't know what the FM schedule is or how it interacts with raids or anything else.

    And I've been mauled by lvl100-something players' fleets a few times. Absolutely nothing I can do about that. Not fun, not good for keeping me interested - having my already-lengthy Outpost upgrade stalled for a few hours because I was asleep when I got hit and then another eight hours while the thing repairs. At least the dock is no longer getting locked down like the first time, but its still not ideal.

    And I'm totally 100% in the dark about any event that isn't a FM thing.

    Just prefer to get answers a lot more easily, I think.

    Oh and I can't change my goddamn profile pic, I keep trying and it reverts to the grenade. *sigh*
    Sometimes fear is the appropriate response.
  • GroovyDan
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    Fix my dock kix,... so i can at least repair or refitt. 3 days now...cant even coin your mistake... guess no raid for me Your User ID is: 9329429

  • Admiral_Amish
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    I played the game for a couple yrs and stopped in 2013. I came back recently and now I remember why I quit. I'm already considering leaving again. I'm a lvl 61 currently and I can be annihilated by a lvl 100+ with impunity with no real way of defending myself against their lvl 400+ flts. So you say you want to make PvP more fair. What's more fair than putting a range in where you can attack say, 10 levels up or down, something similar to what it is before you hit lvl 50 and suddenly become fair game for anyone. This will stop players like myself from becoming some much higher level player's farm b*tch and will keep us motivated to stay in the game. Or set up some huge penalty, losing all current XP for the level they're on for example, which will make them seriously consider whether or not they really want to suffer the penalty in order to hit a much lower player. But of course, I'm sure it's all about the money so by leaving us lower levels to the wolves, we have to coin if we want to stay competitive, be able to finish FMs and get the tech, repair bases and ships in a timely fashion, speed up production of ships that might be our silver bullets, and so forth. So there's no real incentive to fix this particular problem, is there? Defensor Fortis!
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    Mum-Mad said:

    BPHQ - Companion App

    The most recent addition to the Battle Pirates family is Battle Pirates HQ,  the new mobile companion app. Which is available on from the Google Play and iOS App Store.

    Download here:

    Currently the BP HQ allows you to launch fleets and auto targets. This is especially useful for hitting target while on the go.  You can earn Uranium, Titanium, Base Parts, even Event and FM points. You can also access your repair queue at anytime.

    In the next update will be adding a new option where you will be able to manage your fleet from the app.  We have a number of additional features currently planned:

    • World Map Repair and the ability rehit targets

    • Speedup ship build and ship refits

    • Opt-in notifications for completion of ship build and ship refits

    • Base actions (speedup repair, upgrade, etc.)

    • Opt-in notifications completion of build repair, upgrade, etc.

    • Opt-in notifications of your base being attacked

    • Blitz support


    Battle Pirates deeply appreciates having a enthusiastic player community. Please continue to provide feedback and we will devote our efforts to put “Player First”.

    Discuss Below

    I play via kixeye site, when will we be abble to use the app? For now only FB players can use it.
     be careful..after i used app to try and cancel repairs to a fleet it locked my fleet in a paused repair state ...8 days now i cant repair any fleets....which means now i cant play...i've seen many others with nearly identical problem...

  • Obi_Won
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    It's been awhile since I have posted anything because I felt it fell on deaf ears. Once again you ( Kixeye ) claim that removing the Javlin 2 from the bounty was to try and balance Ships and bases to a equal level. Well I didn't see where that leveled the field, especially when you have fleets like the unstoppable Gen. with remote firing that reaches into the middle of a base. The bases don't have any weapon that can reach those ships that stay outside the base while MSC's cruise in to activate the remote firing of these ships. At one time there was a level paying field between ships and bases. A base should be some what stronger then any attacking fleet. And the attacking fleet should use some stratergy to attack a base. with or with out the javlin 2 bases still aren't on an even playing field. Also players High and low end are becoming more and more discourage with game play because the game has become more and more like a chore then a pleasurable game. With all the different items that need to be collected with continuing increasingly high damage levels and difficulties in killing these targets for resources. Instead of backing down the difficulty some to allow for more actual game play for PvP or PvE. Lets take a few steps back and go back to the format we had years ago where we had a more even playing field and bases weren't such a push over and players had to use thought and stratergy to take someone base. and resources were easier to collect. most players especially those who DO NOT  coin are constantly playing catch up. We don't need a raid every month. Give the players time to build the new ships before another raid is introduced. Like it was in the distant past. Show the players that you ( Kixeye ) are putting the players first and putting the enjoyment back into the game.
  • Nemo_Dutchman
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    You lost me at QUALITY.....SORRY.
  • OldNGrumpy
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    BPHQ App needs to work on more than just Facebook.  Why would you guys make something that wont even work on your own Kixeye.com platform for the game?
  • Gremlin Uniden
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    how can returning players "catch up" yes the entry lvl hulls are available in the FM. but the flagships have no tokens so to build them takes too much shipyard time. really not helpful at all. 

  • gverhaar
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    Ok, going to read and reply as objective as possible..

    Quality Improvements

    The team’s most important task is to improve the quality of your experience in Battle Pirates. We will do a better job to prioritize the most impactful bugs first, as well as to keep the community informed.

    To start with, one of the most common complaints for the last year has been lag and game performance. 

    Another problem is is the discrepancy between what stats indicate and how items behave in game.  

    Those corrections will have various impact to individual players because everyone uses these content differently. We are doing our best to communicate our plan as early as possible, collect feedback and roll out carefully. We have no intention to make players take more damage than stats indicated and we welcome your feedback after the fixes.

    • I think everyone welcomes a shift in priority: fix things that hurt the players first, then fix things that hurt Kixeye.
    • again welcome: better performance and less lag
    • reading and understanding the stats is a pain anyway. your usually better off reading tests and seeing video's on how things work then looking at the stats. I would prefer if Kix studies the Kiss principle: Keep it Simple, Stupid
    • "no intention for more damage than stats indicated" <- scary. could mean that our damage will go up if your stats say that our ships should have more damage
    Player vs Player

    A fun PvP experience is built on a balanced economy. There are short term problems we need resolve to get there.

    In long term, we will reveal content release plan that continues to serve the balanced economy of PvP space.

    In the coming months we’re going to be working to make PvP more engaging, more rewarding and more exciting. Eventually it would be the experience for broader players.

    • it sounds like: PVP is dead for at least 6 months

    Battle Pirates deeply appreciates having a enthusiastic player community. Please continue to provide feedback and we will devote our efforts to put “Player First”.

    I think you misread 'engaged' with 'enthusiastic'. There are a lot of players that are really connected to the game, they invested a lot in the game and the communities linked to it. And they like to play (when it is possible). But I see less and less enthusiasm. Most alliances deal with players that drop off, their communities are getting smaller and smaller. Players leave the rat race, they no longer want to follow the strict game play forced by Kix. The difference between 'haves' and 'have-nots' is so big that it is not realistic to cross that gap (for many).

    You state "Battle Pirates deeply appreciates". I very much challenge you to put those feelings into actions:
    - the Kix silence on so many forum discussions is communicating that you don't care; we need Kix employees to join te discussion, especially when frustrations run high during raids or other events;
    - we want raids that are playable and fun for all levels; you have the buttons to tune the raids, use them or we will hear that you don't care

    There is a lot be done before we really think you will put "Players First"...

  • STORM1961
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    Skill and strategy, two things this game no longer requires. It's all about who coins the best fleets. When fleets can kill a base without being touched by a turret, it isn't a balanced fight...no skill. Back 5 years ago, you had to peek a base, look at the setup, decide what fleet/fleets to use, then attack. Back in the day, there were HUGE sector wars, smack talk on coms and IT....WAS...FUN! You with the big bad fleets, you have no skill. The fleets you bought have made you a higher level, not skill. I've tried to play "catchup" after been gone a while, and have seen the unbalanced play Kix has developed. Unless you played back then, you'll never know the difference of how game play has changed. And to think back then, we accused Kix of being money hungry, boy, have they taken their steroids on greed over the years. Kix..get back to the basics, quit introducing so many types of fleets and balance the game. Get your head out of your b*tt and admit there are issues on balance, allow the people trying to get back in the game a chance to get the higher tier prizes...especially turrets!! 
  • sir sinks alot
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      Kixeye  doing their best to make Battle pirates great again ....... :):):):):):)  
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    ROFLMAO apollos for monthly event mine got wiped out doing half a 41 and they legendary ranked and decent equiped
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