forgot my email and pasword in kixeye acc

black mambang
black mambang
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I stop playing wc for along time. and before this im playing in two platform FB and kix. Unfortunately. im forgot my email and pasword in kixeye. any CM can help me to solved this problem?
  • ilostmyhead
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    not 100% sure if theres anything they can really do but I would think they could treat it like a hacked acct make sure your the real owner then let you make a new email for it but like i said i am not sure may try to pm a cm or mod 
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  • LadyKat64
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    My issue is a bit similar, but I do know my email. I tried my password thru kixeye and it said it was invalid.  I tried 1 other password that I normally use and it was invalid so I hit the forgot password and they sent me an email.  I tried the link in the email to reset the password and it takes me to a blank page and I cant do anything because it then again asks for a password.  I don't understand why they just can't send the info in the email.
  • Rob de R
    Rob de R
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    Main question , do you have right for support, did spent 50 gold?
    when you did you could try this:
    - get 2 email accounts as you will need them
    - start new account on kixeye
    - attach one of those emailadress to that account
    - sent a ticket from that account to support (as a new account has the right for 10 days free support)
    - identify yourself sent a copy of passport or legal id with idnr of the acc you don`t have acces to
    - when they want to help you, they will ask for a new secure emailadress, so there you give you the second emailadress you made

    then kixeye will put that emailadress on that account and sent you the link so you can put in a new password, login and play again
    when you didn`t coin enough you could try this also ofcourse, but then it isn`t granted that will help you ( what in my eyes is stupid as that way you lose returning players, players who are returning are possible coiners as they will try to get back on their feeth, but thats off-topic and other issue) 
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