We were sent to investigate Colony 47...

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To out a very simple introduction, used to work for VEGA. I say ‘used to’ because I really don’t know what’s going to happen to me now after what I've seen.

My job in VEGA was not a cozy office job, i worked in VSEC as a soldier, but not quite such....

I'm not going to tell you what branch of VSEC I was in, or what exactly it was I did
In all honesty its irrelevant, and your better off not knowing what that was.

Actually, I'd doubt you'd want to know this either. But it's important that you all know about what I am going to tell you.

You see we specialized in neutralizing threats the High Council deemed needed termination, except we had dealing with something that nobody here quite understands. And we are the ones that are supposed to understand everything that goes on in the Federation's extensive underbelly.

There's a place that I'm sure you all know about. At least... the parts they tell you about known as Colony 47. The first thing I can be **** certain is that this facility is far to massive to be called a colony.

Before the leaks it was so secret that not even we knew about it, the facility was placed in another galaxy to make it relatively impossible to find without Authorization to it's whereabouts.

I knew little digging onto this case starting into this assignment, before then I would hear talks about a mysterious facility at work with "things beyond". According to my superiors, all I knew is that it was a place that I would rather stay the hell away from and be better off not going there if I didn't have to.

Here was the rundown of what we were told beyond that:

It was a hostage situation. A few workers h
There had gone crazy and were holding the scientists and other crew there at gunpoint. They didn’t list any specification for this at all. So the assumption was that they’d fallen victim to some kind of deep space madness.

At least... that was what they told us from command.

Our job was to go in there. And apprehend the employees who had taken the place by force. Try not to kill anyone they told us. With the keyword TRY.

Now any VSEC Division could of handled this situation with ease, after all we were just up against of rouge employees right?

There's no way that a few workers called for 38 men and women, armed to the teeth from phasers and stun weapons to handle this.

It did strike as odd to us being his place was also so confidential that we probably would considered privileged, honored even to be considered above the cut for VEGA's need to know basis standards.

In truth, I should’ve asked more questions. Questions like why they were being so secretive about what went on in this place, and why we needed so many people to go undertake what one small squadron would surely be capable of doing.

Truth is… after a while you stop caring. But this was to big for that. This isn’t something that you can dismiss.

We flew in on 3 corvettes to undertake the operation.

Our first team, the Alpha Squadron was to investigate and apprehend the rouge mutineers and make sure word never got out about what we found there.

If we ran into trouble and needed to, Bravo and Epsilon Squadrons would be standing by to prepare to be sent in after god knows what went down.

In my trip there let me tell you. Never before had I been amongst so many strangers. This team was picked of random VSEC soldiers and specialists who have survived combat with the rebellion before, every fave there was a stranger, everyone unfamiler with one another.

As odd an experience it was, it didn’t really matter all too much. All that mattered was getting in, finishing the job and getting out as fast as possible. That’s all that ever mattered.

The descent took quite a long lift, as we ventured in our corvettes that were outfitted with thrusters at the time unrivaled by most engines, this was before the Javelins became so readily available to the rebellion.

Even the VSEC Divisions at the time were lucky to get their hands on the.

The colony itself, if you could even call it that was in a strange region of space that glowed green for some reason. Making it all the more dark and ominous. The outside may have seemed big but inside you had to look around the massive corridors and infinite number of fleet bays to truly appreciate it's beauty

Everything from Lances and Zeals, to Apocs and Ragnaroks... all Mark V, to the new demon corps ships were there, rows of advanced weapons and tech being worked on were on display in the areas we landed on. Needless to say I felt like a kid in a candy store at the sight of all this.

Once we began our operation we descended into the actual areas beyond the fleet bays, and saw the true size of this place.

it became apparent that the place actually extended down for miles via stairs, ladders, elevators and tunnels. The entrance was essentially a small, gated area that provided access to a giant elevator.

I'll be honest, seeing that array of amazing weapons, ships, and tech made me feel like this was more a field trip than an operation.

After all we were after a group of Batshit workers who probably didn't have access to or barely knew how to operate the weaponry on display earlier.
These weapons were locked behind a sort of zynthium-talonite super glass with shielding that was still active even after we got here. They must be desperately trying to get the scientists to cooperate and hand over the keys to these new toys.

Other members of our squadron felt the same way. Even runningaccross a fridge that had a few beers that we downed when our supervisor wasn't looking.

But after about two hours of dicking around, we were informed that we needed to head down.

Most of us stood there in disbelief for a while. The supervisors were forced to bark at us a couple of times in order to stir a reaction.

We eventually complied. We had to. However, the thought of the fact that our entire team, 12 armed men and women couldn't get a job done begun to weigh on us.

I mean, we were pretty much expendables going into an unknown situation.

Suddenly, I was glad that we had those few beers to keep our nerves in check.

At the end of the elevator room we had came from was what looked like a reception area with desks, a few fridges and tables. This place must of been their chill out zone, or at least one of them, **** you could fit two entire frigates into this place and still have room leftover.

Our team approached what looked like a massive vault like door. It opened up and we were suddenly faced with blackness. We all flicked on our rifle lights and descended the steps. From what I could tell, there seemed to be lightbulbs above but I guess they weren’t working for whatever reason. The steps themselves branched off quite a bit, I’d estimate probably once every 50 meters. However, we never went anywhere but straight. Our superior just told us to keep going forward and find these rouges so we could call it a day.

We eventually came to a series of labs and control rooms, probably for the things we saw earlier, unlike the hallway we came out of,this place had lights. I let out a sigh of relief and relax a bit. The darkness no longer giving cover to any surprise attacks.

We approached yet another vault like door that was black this time and read "EXTRACTION ZONE: MAXIMUM CLEARANCE ONLY."

Our superior entered a code into a terminal next to the door and we are treated by red lights spinning and the door rumble to life and roll out of our way.

Expecting the usual buzz of the comuter equipmrtment and ambience of the place however… was replaced by nothing to be heard. It was sheer silence.

Our superiors face turned white at the sight of something we could not see. He motioned over to us to be alert "my God, what the hell is this?!" I heard him say in a hushed whisper

"Keep your guard up everyone, we're close."

With the atmosphere of the situation quickly going from 0-100 in a matter of seconds, we follow his orders.

Ever so slowly, he started opening the door. Now, I should’ve expected what we were about to see. I was supposed to be expecting anything. But I still couldn’t stop myself from gagging at the sight before me. I'd seen death before, but not like this.

Rows, piles of corpses with giant holes in tjem, as if they are shot through the chest with miniature aurorah rays. They were strange as well, who would be able to fire that **** in such a closed area? Let alone carry it down here.

At this point, it was safe to assume that we weren’t simply dealing with rouge employees. Our superiors had either lied to us or were out of the loop themselves. I was leaning towards the former. Wouldn’t be the first time that it’d happened.

The superior again held up his hand, signaling for us to halt. In all honesty, I couldn’t be too mad at him. He also looked terrified.

After a moment of excruciating hesitation, he finally motioned for us to enter the hallway. I suppose that we still had a job to do, after all.

I suppose this also could in no way, prepare us for the massacre that happened next. A barrage of plasma flew threw and quickly started to decimate our group, my superior laid in a puddle of his own blood, and people around me one by one started to get picked off clean. I was fortunate enough to be at the back of my group. So I turned around and ran.

It all happened so fast, trying to return fire would be like shooting a can blindfolded on a horse going at 50 miles an hour. I took a quick glance to see who was shooting at us.

They had what s33med to be extremely strong exosuits of the usual VSEC red and black patterns, but no sign of the VEGA or Any insignia or logo. Even for this facility they seemed out of place.

they were some kind of infantry unit… from a place far more technologically advanced than here. Their exos following their every movement with precision ajd efficientcy.

Their weapons were also something else, barely yielding any recoil as they tore through their targets, they seemed light years ahead of us. All I could do was run and pray I didn't end up into a pile of goo like the rest of my team.

Moved by adrenaline and by the sounds of screaming and bolts of plasma, I just kept going. I knew that going straight wasn’t an option, so I ducked into the first branched pathway that I came across. I started weaving my way around the maze of corridors, trying to get away from whatever the hell was going on.

I ran for hours in an endless maze of labs, and corridors... of things I'd rather had not seen. Things that were out of this world. And could never be explained logically.

I studied about what had happened, going through all of the logs... when I felt a metal hand cover my mouth and grab me into the darkness.

I was greeted face to face with one of those soldiers, putting my hands in a "please don't kill me" stance.

A few seconds pass, and ge presses a vutton that retracts his helmet into his suit, revealing his face.

We stare at one another, for what aeemed to be an eternity, after a while. I thought the deafening silence would never end. Instead however he begins to chuckle to himself.

"Heh would I believe my luck, I never thought the opportunity would come."

After I let the initial shock wear off, I try pestering him with questions, but the words all stumbled out in a incoherent mess.

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    "It's ok." He exclaimed.
    "I'm not going to hurt you, in fact I can't hurt you."

    What?! I thought what the hell was going on?! These guys just massacre an entire armored team and now one of them wants to talk to me?!

    He turns around to the corridor behind us.
    "At leadt... I hope it's not too late."

    As it turns out, these soldiers are from the future. Yes, we were dealing with time travel at work hete.

    They had been sent back for one purpose: to stop people from going past the extraction zone.

    I had to ask

    "What was so important beyond that extraction zone to need such extensive protection?"

    "Something primal, something dark and ancient that was never supposed to be disturbed."

    From where they are from, the Federation's projects were going into contacting an alien race, one that would spread an infection within the facility and then to the outer reaches of VEGA Federation space. And in doing so cause millions of lives to be lost in the process.

    "There were tons of theories of how the Federation had established contact with the aliens here, all of them lead to one conclusion: this kind of thing is beyond us, and must not be messed with."

    He proceeds to tell me about how VEGA begin digging deep3r into the aliens anatomy, fusing test subjects with Blood Amber, and an alien material to in a way... establish contact with them...

    "The research at this facility is the said source for VEGA's cutting edge technology, how 3lse are they always one step ahead of the rebellion?"

    The soldier further exclaimed that by messing with the aliens they would eventually be sought to be controlled and used to attack the rebels, the ensuing result however is a disaster of such unspeakable portions of which could end the Federation in one fell swoop.

    Not only would these aliens turn on VEGA, bit it would trigger the attention of other races... other more powerful forces such as a race known as the Altarians would contact the rebels, dragging an already battered force to the brink of destruction with a blast from a massive planet destroyer.

    "You see... after rebel HQ was obliterated, time travel became the last hope for the rebellion. The rebels would be scattered , refusing the offers from VEGA to work together against a common enemy, the same fate befall Keres, the leader of the Iron Star.

    The rebellion will be crushed by Nytah, an evil warlord who is bent on destruction of all who oppose her. Leaving VEGA helpless to even raise a finger to their superior ships.

    The soldier pauses for a brief moment and the spoke in an ominous tone

    "And all that will be left is mankind's extinction."

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    "That is why we are here, Rob. To put an end to this before it can even begin"

    The soldier sighs, before taking a seat. “But you weren’t the only ones that **** up. We did too.”

    "Apparently, during the chaotic aftermath of whatever we’d released to the void, our time teavel plabned was forced into place by our second commander who took command of what was left after Burr's death.

    Me, and 500 other men and women outfitted a Javelin with our Quantum Drive, and began our mission.

    From there a few fleets outfitted to be our mobile command posts embarked onto desperate assignments.

    Our first team was supposed to go back to the time Keres first lost her forces to Bishop's blood Amber weapon. Effectivly right when they were planning to build this facility originally as a way to further their superiority over us rebels."

    "However the jump drive simply wasn't ready yet. And learned this too late after this first attempt that we emitted such strong warp readings that made jump points appear due to its magnetude.

    With our forces we knew somehow, someway that VEGA would come to build the colony, It took us awhile but we created a force with our technology and recruited in secret amongst a few bases to prepare a top secret raid on colony 47 construction site.

    To stop the research going on at colony 47 before it even began, and to kill anyone who tried to find it."

    But in doing so we ended up creating an anomaly that VEGA noticed. They traced the signal here. Found their way and killed off the first team. Ending up as the ones who caused VEGA to set up colony 47 in the first place, rather than stopping it.

    I was beyond words at this point, trying to process everything that had happened...

    Thus leafing to the projects beginning in the first place, we created a **** up self fulfilling prophecy we never saw coming, our second attempt was to destroy the facility by force after months of hiding for our second team to build our forces in the less noticeable sectors, recruiting amongst a few bases who went hush hush in exchange for all of our tech, blueprints,and ect.

    Our name is the Last Bastion, as The last beacon of hope for all humanity. It is our goal to put a stop to this In order to prevent this. Mankind must never peer into the void.,less he be prepared for it to stare back at him.

    Needless to say, we destroyed the research and everything having to do with it, it seemed like our mission would of been complete... had it not been for general Geir...

    My mind was totally blown beyond beleif. Trying to process just what the **** happened... And then I asked my painful question of all that made my throat dry

    "If you.... had to kill everyone..." I cleared my throat, shaking like a leaf.
    "Why didn't you kill me?"

    The soldier once again chuckles to himself and pulls out a photograph. He tosses it to me... And I can't believe it

    It's a picture of me! Much older and holding a child.

    "It may be a selfish reason, but you see... If I kill you now. I won't exist anymore"

    I feel a new wage of shock come over me and I quickly move to Change the topic. Not wanting anymore to think about dying.

    "Why are you guys here now? It's the time that the general Geir is defeating Iron Star. Surly thing stopped, how could Geir change that what did he do to make this happen?!"

    The solider prepares himself to explain.

    “We couldn’t risk another mission landing at a time VEGA begun to notice us, they kept backup drives and backed up all of the research we thought we destroyed. They simply prepared to build a second colony 47 with all,of the old archives still in tact, so we needed to make sure that we were sent back at some point afterwards. As it turns out, that ended up being a few days ago. We still couldn't control when exactly we landed, so this is what we got.

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    "Our third and final mission was to wipe out this research once and for all, destroying all,back up cores on board, and then... then we kill everyone who tries to discover this... that is except for you of course."

    I feel sadness come upon me, then reason. The fates of millions lie in the balance, even with the taking of so many lives... I knew it had a reason.

    This was something that we shouldn't be playing with. The Federation is practically asking to unleash Pandoras box, and is very close to doing so.

    We have no time to try and convince you to stop. There’s only so many of us, after all. In our timeline, you guys initially disturbed this thing at the end of this year. You saw the sheer scale of what had been unleashed, and decided not to provoke it any further. However it was far too late.

    These aliens react rather slowly, but the results are always apocalyptic in the end. It eventually unleashed itself onto manlind and devoured entire galaxies in the end. And in the smoke cause the battered rebels to stand no chance to Utah's Altarian planet destroyer, and her armada of motherships who leave nothing left in their wake.

    He let's out a exhausted sigh.

    "You see Robert... there's simply no more time."

    "What do you recommend I do now? Knowing all of this?!" I asked him.

    "Get a ship and fly out of here. There's tons of ships to choose from, all of which are MKV. Forget this ever happened, and leave VEGA while you can. After the events of this week. They will hunt you and try to interrogate you for what happened here.

    If you try to tell anyone, nobody will believe you, best you forget about us."

    I must of looked scared shitless, but he walks over and puts a hand on my shoulder.

    “Don’t worry about it. We have a plan, and I’m sure it’ll succeed. We just need to hold evetyone off for a few more days.”

    He smiles at me before activating his helmet. And walking down the corridor to my opposite direction.

    He starts walking before turning back one last time. “I would’ve told you more, but I can't be giving you spoilers now,. Though, it would greatly improve Your health if you quit smoking, though.”

    And that's exactly what happened.

    I got back 5ot back got the upper decks of the fleet bay,and found a MK V Tornado fresh of the line, as if it was made just for me. And left the way I came.

    3 months to by and I am finally writing this, I joined a rebel base whom welcomed me with open arms after giving them the coordinates to that place, they were in and out of there faster than bats out of hell.

    I hear from an unknown message that the 3rd VSEC team sent down there didn't even put a dent in the Last Bastion's forces. Dumbasses couldn't even notice me flying out of there.

    I enjoy a new life in the rebellion, free from the bonds of my superiors.

    One thing however is bugging me.

    When the solider told me that he was confident in their plan to save humanity, there was something off about the way that he'd said it. Something that told me he wasn't actually confident about it at all.

    The void may be alot more dangerous soon.

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