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We have heard your feedback regarding the imbalance of Player vs Player (PVP) combat and want to share some information about the upcoming Player vs Player (PVP) rebalance and bug fixes.  These changes are slates for the 8.26 release, which is expected the week of June 26th.

Tier 7 Turret Bug

Instead of having an additive bonus of 25% for each turret, we have discovered a bug in which the group bonus of Tier 7 turrets is being calculated multiplicatively.  This is causing a wider than intended swing in the power of base defense by granting a 600% bonus to a full set of turrets, rather than the intended 200%.

In the 8.26 update we are correcting this calculation to be additive, to match the description of turrets. This will give a total of 200% bonus with a full set of 8 turrets. While we do not have a problem with powerful base designs, the intention was never to be able to create an unbeatable base.

Accuracy Bug

The team has recently discovered a bug in which  any weapons or counter measures equipped to a ship have an unintended 100% bonus to accuracy.  This has made counter measures that are equipped to defender hulls much more effective than intended.  This bug is being corrected in 8.26, the week of June 26th.

More info on Accuracy Bug: Here (<--- Click Link)


We are working hard to bring PVP back into balance. We don’t have a problem with players being able to create difficult bases to defeat, but through these bugs it was possible to create an unbeatable base with little effort. Our goal is to maintain a competitive balance between attackers and defenders, and these corrections are the first steps towards getting there


  • Fixing T7 Turret group bonus to match the 200% bonus on the blueprint

  • Fixing accuracy bug that is making Defender hulls much more effective with countermeasures

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.
Not sure about the rules
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    20 DAYS? LMAO

  • snowman518
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    YA REALLY 20 more days? FFS
  • Pirate_L1
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    YA WTF  you needed us to point out the difference between additive and multiplicative....  still won't balance 
  • Corp_Hellrazor
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    You mean the "bug" that [Insert name here] has been speaking about for the past 3-4 weeks or longer ?

    Give credit where credit is due.    Thanks [insert name here]

    But thanks to the BP team for trying to sort this mess out. I for one, appreciate any effort put forth in an attempt to try and keep this game on track, which I'm sure is not an easy job.

    Yeah...I admit that sometimes I, as well as some others, get a "bit" carried away with our rants about the way things are going within the game. And sometimes the anger gets misdirected, but that's because we ALL have passion for the game. Or...we did anyway.

    So, I apologize for anything I have said that has offended anyone personally.

    But just don't expect me to sit quietly in my corner with my coloring book and box of crayons.  :p:p:p
  • Cpt_Clueless
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    Right before bounty..ofc lol

  • tjking5476
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    Swing time.. do see do.. time to be a farm again. Will that be in time for the next bounty?  
    will most likely be right before bounty week..

  • HowHigh
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    will just result in another extreme shift and imbalance again as always in this insane cycle 
  • Players_First
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    Back and forth, back and forth... This is getting to be really freaking annoying FIND A **** BALANCE AND GO WITH IT.  WTF!

  • Rich_0
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    This is wrong  to just change the turrets and not change new armors also. It will swing to attacker 100%. I know several who coined those turrets  and do not have max capacity. So you will succeed in killing game after all. you put out chores  with no hull available now you remove base defense.
  • OsiasTheGreat
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    Guess this will work very well. With the 2.3mil armor, DoT damage from Cor weaps wont even hurt

  • michael.west.750
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    Yes I know some bases could insta kill fleets, but it wasn't a huge % of bases that could.

    Now no matter if your base could or couldn't insta death fleets, they will now no longer be able to do much, if any, damage to the incoming fleet.

    So much for those that enjoy base defense.

    Hopefully kix can come up with some middle ground fix instead of swinging from one end of the spectrum to the other. Although five years of playing has shown me it's not likely kix knows how to do a middle ground fix.

    Oh well, in a month or so kix will swing it back to base defense.
  • ClintEastwood03
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    i guess the noobs who can't build a guard fleet will be crying bc their insta kill turrets wont be able to defend against everybody. lmao
  • MayorOfTheQR
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    wrecksds7 said:
    i guess the noobs who can't build a guard fleet will be crying bc their insta kill turrets wont be able to defend against everybody. lmao
    Shh. Guard fleets will do a whole bunch of jack **** as well. 
    Mayor of the QR -- OI_Legend
  • jon pirate
    jon pirate
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    This is all BS you sell us a these turret then Nurf. them.  Just like you did with Fire support i'm sick of paying for a product just for you to nurf it. The bug you claim is all BS you are screwing customer do to you never test what you put out this is . This is just plan theft I'm over this crap and will be one of your dead bases you have out all over 
    think you forgot about players first 
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