Need A OP 10 base design

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Please help with a base design for op 10

  • Lakhbir Singh
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    i hope you get one as good as mine; actually i got a alliance member who's really good at base designs apparently. i'll get them to PM you if u like?
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  • Sunan_Banang
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    Base design is not lika a T Shirt. There is no design that fits all. Try search the design near to you. You can get more info there. You can see by yourself its strengh and weakness. To get the same result. Everything need to be the same.Good Luck!
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    At the moment, a basedesign doesnt matter! No joke!

    There are only two options now: YOU have an unbeatable base...OR your base cant defend itself against the tier 7 conquerors.
    There is nothing between that two options.

    If you have a full set of the new tier 7 ballistic and/or a full set of tier 7 missile turrets in your base, it doesnt matter where you place them...
    everything in range will be dead in seconds, if they have enough fire support around them + right faction.

    And if you doesnt have enough tier 7 turrets (look at the stacking bonus)...the tier 7 conquerors will smash your base with minimal damage on them.
    All existing turrets on their own cant beat the crazy deflection numbers from the tier 7 conquerors and the new deflection armors.

    A exotic basedesign will not help you. You can only slowing down the enemys, but against a good tier 7 conqueror shipbuild it would take
    forever to kill that ships.

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