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  • Sexy Foxy
    Sexy Foxy
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    40h of repair for a 1h token ...... no fight i have 40 token for free..... Bhu hahahahah!
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  • Kristo58
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    no thanks  will play war robots much more fun !!!!
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  • LadyViper64
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    nope not doin CW it sux, an there is nothing new with it to gain 
  • horst.horstmann.7543
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    > Points awarded for FvF remain the same.

    The same as what? Could be spelled out every couple of months ...
  • dom.friant
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    I like the alliance prize of blood amber, but it would be nice if it was extended way beyond 50th place. Even though I don't need it, the old alliance prizes of T4/T5 crafting equipment was nice for lower level players, and gave an incentive to participate. I would like to see something like that return.
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  • Noob-Noob316
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    A few fights and over 40 hours of repair time, no thanks and keep the crappy incentives, it is not worth it

  • scorpheas
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    If you not gonna fix the tyrants atleast make them worth twice the points they are now.

  • Got No Coin
    Got No Coin
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    Will the personal leader board EVER be fixed so that one can scroll to the middle of the list without being sent back to the beginning of the list?

    What a pain in the **** to attempt to see how many more points you need to move to the next level.

    Certainly diminishes my play when I can't discover where I am.

    Been this way for many months. Sheesh
  • Coelus
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    Thought I’d try a CW fleet battle for the first time in a while, saw a 65 but someone caught it first, it was just a bunch of tyrants and dragoons.. glad I missed them, I just logged off

  • Coelus
    Incursion Leader
    Joined Jul 2015 Posts: 1,222

    For a game that sells its diversity and originality in fleet design, allowing players up to 100 built working copies of each ship so you can try to be ready for any scenario... we struggle to build more than 2 or 3. and some are terrified to even get those into battle since it can easily be a once a day situation when you factor repair time. Man if only there were a way we could build more ships faster.. without them costing $50 each

  • Scott O
    Scott O
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    Cash Wins is your new definition for CW lol

  • spacehunter1000
    Joined Sep 2015 Posts: 16
    Need something new with CW. Prizes... SUCK...The end of this CW was the lowest I have ever seen at 7548 people participating.
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