Official Event Item Request List - 2018.5.7

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Hello all,

Here I will be compiling a community requested list of items for upcoming event stores. Please add the items you wish to see, this is not a guarantee all items will make it into events. I will do my best to get these added if it makes sense by the game team and community to have said item available for everyone.

This thread will be up until Friday, May 11th and will then be closed, I will make a new thread each month to open up requests for consideration,Thanks
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  • ipevac
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    Dual resist armors for Altarian.

    ENAL, EXAL, PRAL Talonite is more repair efficient and offers more protection then current Altarian armors
  • Sequestor
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    Gatling Ray Turret 1,2,3
    I add to this. Also harmonic siege casings BP (not xeno) 1, 2, 3.
    Also would be nice to repeat the content of the event in the end of 2017, which contained many T6 item credits like exal armors and other. Players need to catch up faster already and T6 stuff takes ages to refit even compared to T6.5.

    People, don't ask for items that don't exist, you only flood the thread.
  • Rapture90
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    well its interesting but how can we be sure there gonna read whats put and think about implementing what is asked? we need some proof what is going on and why are they doing this. it could just be lets get the people to request stuff so they dont get bored leave it 5 months then do something about it................
  • Gary P
    Gary P
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    Gatling Ray turret 1 2 and 3

  • imbiotech
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    Heavy shatter driver.
  • Patryk Lubiecki
    Patryk Lubiecki
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    I'd like to get xeno seeker missile if i could, it wasnt avaible since i can remember.
  • Coelus
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    "if it makes sense by the game team and community to have said item available for everyone." 

    @CM_Lee what is that supposed to mean?? 

    when would it not be appropriate to allow all players an opportunity to obtain and attempt to enjoy all aspects of the game? That just screams pay to play bs

  • papa7440
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    Ship repit token (with out altairian)
    Javelin Pattern
    Heavy Eclipse driver
    Heavy Shatter driver
    Xeno Armored Hold 1,2,3
    Spectral Shell

    And Bastion Crusier Fragments
    (Why you guys made this?)

  • Aletheides
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    Palladium Munitions. 1,2,3. Were released with the Paragon battleship but has only appeared in the store once while the second special released at the same time, Neutrino fusion, has returned almost every event since. Palladium is one of the feature specials for the paragaon battleship this season so its wierd that its being overlooked in this way compared to Neutrino.
  • SteelSteve
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    Heavy eclipse

    how has no one said this so far? :D 
    I NEED ZYNTHIUM!!!    UID 5439584
  • Mystical
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    Mark 6 tokens for ET + Xeno fleets.
  • VVulty
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    Eclipse drivers I and II blueprints
    Heavy Eclipse driver III RIs
    PRAL Heavy Tungsten blueprint
    PR Heavy Tungsten RIs
    Spectral Shell III blueprint

    A bunch of credits for Xeno, AXIS and maybe even Altairians would be nice - like Harmonic Chase Thrusters, Harmonic Beam Capacitors, field generators, all kinds of dual resistant armours.
  • MantisTobogganMD
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    All of the Xeno base weapons and their specials. I don’t think we ever saw Xeno Focused Apertures a second time, not sure about Xeno Disintegrator Turret either.

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum
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    I literally have all obtainable BPs, except for Gatling Turret 3 and the latest XF weapons (Sai and Surge). I'd like to see Gatling Turret return, so I can feel content of having a complete list. Also, when will we see the XF Sai and Surge BP fragments be obtainable? 

    One more thing I'd like to see Altairian build and refit tokens. We had Xeno and AXIS tokens available when time tokens were released. 
  • GhostRanger
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    Xeno Seeker Missile!
    Heavy Eclipse Driver!

  • imbiotech
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    Actually, everything you made but not included in the event.

    What makes you don't include all RIs and BPs in all events?
  • Jamie Helm
    Jamie Helm
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    Gatling ray turret 1-3 I can finally finish those damned bps and calm my OCD

  • Bio Sphere
    Bio Sphere
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  • Sovereign42
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    Base drones for our hangar slots.

    More variety of blank hulls in strikes... should offer ALL T3 to T5 hulls over 4-6 weeks.  I'd like more for PVP/CW/AW... but not wasting time on a fresh build.  Also could offer T3, T4 or T5 hull boxes like ~1 yr ago.

    Offer credits instead of reusables for some T3-T5 equipment (same issue as above... want more but don't want to waste time building them)
  • treecats
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    Is this for main event store only?

    Why don't you make all items to be available?

    If this is for the strike events also.

    all items for for planet, sector and alien strike should have all their items to be available,  craft boxes would be awesome too.  the regular supply events are pretty much worthless, craft t3 to t5 hulls are nearly impossible.  craft t6 and higher is 10 times easier to get.
  • kixeyeuser_385029710_23849_3170194
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    T3-T5.5 upgrade box

    eclipse driver
    (all variations of it)

    All t4.5 and t5.5 blank hull, same way it is offered in strikes. Does Vsec and Demon corpse are barely used by players (they are cool, and make a better way to reach t6 tec) cause of absurd build time, its twice long than xeno, axis even alt.

    all swarm squadrons, and spectre squadron for carriers.

    blood raven, rapture and osprey (just for fun :D  they are once most desirable ships now are all lost in the void).

    resources all kind.
  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose
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     @CM_Lee List compiled from a thread awhile ago of things missing from the different Strikes.
    (Thanks to @Cyrus Leung for adding most of these)

    Gatling Ray Turret
    Heavy Shatter Driver
    Xeno Cluster Missile
    Xeno Seeker Missile
    All variants of Bombardment Torpedo Turret
    All variants of Shatter Driver Turret
    All variants of Eclipse Driver
    All variants of Redeemer Missile
    All variants of Harmonic Siege Casing
    All variants of Harmonic Reactor
    Pierian Fuel
    Vector Torpedo Turret
    Aurora Ray Turret
    PRAL Tungsten Armor
    Liberator Destroyer
    Dominion Carrier
    Charger Swarms
    Ranger Swarms
    Gladiator Swarms
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  • Darren Barnes
    Darren Barnes
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    Refit Bay

    T7 Crafting Boxes

  • d.dodgers
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    Gatling Ray Turret 1,2,3
  • Whitefall
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    Liberator Destroyer,Pegasus, Harmonic (Xeno) Siege Casing, Eclipse Driver and its variants and mark 6 tokens added to Alien Strike.
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