Missile Strike Cruiser or Onslaught?

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I did not get the Onslaught last bounty... though I did get all the goodies for it. I have enough points (70K) to get the MSC and all the goodies or the Onslaught but not both (no point getting the ship w/o the goodies IMO). Any opinions on which would be more successful? I am leaning towards the MSC but thought I would see what the forums thought. Thanks.
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  • Supernumerary_DD
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    The executioner 2 is the  toughest base weapon atm so I'd say the best baser hull would be the one with the best penetrating deflection. (MSC)
  • Sunan_Banang
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    Err...  With right specials and placement, Horwitzer6 deal 4,021,379 ballistic damage. I wonder how much damage from executioner 2........

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