Global Union Ad (trust me, don’t click this for your own well-being)

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I do not suggest that you read what is below as it is all shameless self-advertising.

I warned you.
The reason I am here today is to advertise my relatively new alliance (at the time of writing), with a member count of about 25. We are another one of those low-level player defending alliances and are recruiting, we will help you grow or you can help US grow :). We look for active players, but honestly due to the ever-decreasing number of VEGA players we will honestly take anyone, and level isn’t a problem. I tried advertising on sector chat, didn’t work out, tried advertising to friends, didn’t work out very much, now I’m here since I was told the forum was the place to advertise. Our tag is GlobU, and basically any join request will be accepted. Congrats, you just wasted about a minute of your life reading this, and I wasted about five minutes of mine writing it. Hopefully this brings in some members, but I know it probably won’t. :\

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