Buccaneer Boon or 5th buccaneer?

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I find 40mil in raid points is a bit too much for just a heal bonus over 5th buccaneeer! Is there maybe some hidden bonus, which i dont understand, otherwise why bother with this flag?
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    Agree with Timberwolf.  Though the boon hull takes about 7 days longer to build compared to regular buc, it will be a benefit over the long haul.

    I believe it transfers armor to the rest of the fleet.  When docking for repairs, the damage appears to be more evenly distributed among the fleet.  This is benefit for those who like doing those quick instant repairs by ship.
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    The boon is worth the extra build time.

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    BOON Hands DOWN... it can keep your fleet healthy upto 75% for the same cost as repairing a single hull!!!  the boon is DEF DEF DEF worth the extra build time... even if it only has a single cannon on it with the specials/armour...

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    well when you lose your fleet all 5 ships dead. You repair the Boon then repair ea of the other 4 ships for 10 sec ea.  Leave your with say 8hr repair. Put them all in with the Boon and hit a salvage drive to corner and the boon repairs the other 4 back to 75% when done your repair is 2 hrs so you trimmed off about 6 hrs repair time.

    Same with Skyfires  Yes well worth having the flag ship
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    Worth having, even if just naked. It's healing ability makes the Bucc highly economical. Some are even building a 5th normal Bucc so that the flag can just stay in dock repairing constantly. 
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    Boon is a fleet changer....nuff said
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    Boon Hands down. the 75% threshold for healing is nice and it's high armor value really help out...Not to mention it heals the entire fleet at once from a massive range.
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