Looking for a starters guide for pvp

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I have been around bp off and on for years. I have a good grasp of pve, but pvp is a bit of a mystery to me.

I have not built the conq yard yet because 42 days is a long commitment, and I am still working on getting turrets upgraded to 8 (with some 9). I have some conq hull prints and tech, and what I am wanting to do is build a good base defense fleet to help me defend better. I am confused what to build, and I am looking for some advice. I am level 86 base.

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    Take one of your existing, older fleets and hit low-level bases. I know that sounds evil and mean (it is) but the way I see if, if you're using older tech on the lower-level bases, it approximates a fair fight.

    As you work your way up, you'll see what works and what doesn't and you'll get introduced to the tech players are using for base defence. 

    Conq hulls are nice, but take forever to build. Focus on getting one strong tank and back that up with a good mortar fleet with remote targeting. Plenty of those out there, work with what you have. 

    Remote Targeting is pretty much state of the art these days -- you say you've been off-and-on, have you worked with it? I think Rhinos were one of the first hulls to feature that, you can use them to learn the technique. 

    It takes a while to recognize which defence turrets do what, which are deadly and which are just annoying. 

    If you take your time and work your way up, it's actually part of the game that can still be fun. 

    But really, if you're going to hit the low-level bases, do it in a sporting way and try to match your attack fleet to the base -- the challenge is not to show off that you can overwhelm them, but to engage in a fun battle. It's one of the very few things we actually have a little bit of control over. 

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