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So I was thinking and decided it would help to make the forums a more welcoming place for newer players. As of when I post this there is not much information about the game for new pirates, so I thought I would start with an explanation of each raid type, their damage type and weaknesses, and when they start. All of this is info given from Kixeye or just things I think may happen due to old target recommendations.

So the first raid type in the year is Siege. Since we are going back to a four month raid cycle, it starts in January and ends in April. Its two main damage types are ballistic and radioactive and it is weak to ballistics. After the raid cycle ends the targets we face during the raid become the targets we hit to get base parts so they are an important part of any players game. Based off of the old Draconian mine targets that we had, Radioactive weapons may become one of the damage types these targets are weak to, but at the time that I wrote this they are only weak to ballistics. These targets are made up of just buildings so make sure to use a siege battery special to cut your damage in half.

The next raid cycle in the year is Assault. It starts in May and ends in August. These targets become the titanium targets, which is an important PvP resource and is also used for Mega ships. These targets main damage types are missile and corrosive and are weak to missiles, so you want to use missiles and uavs, but you have to pay attention to the uavs damage type as they are not always penetrating damage. These targets are mostly ships and some buildings.

The last cycle is Skirmish. It starts in September and goes through December. These are the targets you hit for uranium, so it is probably the most important cycle of the year. This raids main damage types are explosive and concussive and its targets are weak to concussive damage. Depth charges and torpedoes are the two weapons that you will want to use. These targets are made up of just ships and no buildings.

I am also going to put the FM in here even though it is no longer a raid cycle. It will remain the targets they are now and change every four months, so they change in March, July and November. It is the same concept as the old garrison targets in that it is made up of mostly turrets and some ships. Rockets and mortars are the weapons that you want to use in these targets as well as countermeasures.

I am going to have this thread locked. If you have any questions or feel like I left something out, feel free to message me.

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