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19.99$ ??

Chris Hall63
Chris Hall63
Joined Nov 2017 Posts: 9

So I buy a 20$ pack so I get 2,000,000 metal which leaves me just 225000 to upgrade my headquarters and before I can win the 250k I'm hit 6 times and lose 700k all within 10 mins ??
Can you say scam ? Yup .. like mobile strike this game is so unbalanced and ridiculous it's unplayable anymore .. done w this scam .. and what's the purpose of even having alliances ? Useless feature unless you wanna waste time on the world map .. silliness ruined this game .. level 37 defeats my level 7s 20 levels under me ? Yeah .. bye scammers .. had enough .

  • Uwrekd
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Apr 2017 Posts: 169
    I've had it happen. Only lost 500k though. My only suggestion is to do your math and get the resources you are short before buying a pack.
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