The new Vega Betrayal Fleets

Trance 1
Trance 1
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I do not know what Kixeye is thinking but a 40 level fleet should never be able to kill a level 52 one fleet levels should be the same on all fleets a level 52 fleet should be able to enter battle with a level 40 fleet and the player can leave it on auto and kill it with without much damage to their fleet not this total domination of a 40 Vega over a 50 Player Period! this is ridiculous at best and stupid at the least Kixeye you really messed this one up get your levels rite!
  • Trance 1
    Trance 1
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    In short a 40 should be able to take a 40 it it can not then it should not be in the game as a 40
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    wrong forum

    I am retired at the moment. I got a Xbox now. (DM for gamer tag.)

    As for War Commander I will probably come back around October 2018.
    Granted if Net Neutrality gets taken down. Then forget about any free to pay/play games for me. (I have a soft spot for holidays and zombies)
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    This is war commander forum

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