Scourge Blockade Breakdown

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I know the Scourge have been everyone's favorite faction since their introduction a few years ago, so I decided it might be a good idea to put together a little cheat sheet with things I have noticed and some of my general strategy. Hopefully someone can take some bits of information and apply it to their game play and get some use out of it.

My Hunter's have not been built yet, so this is all based from a Fangtooth perspective. Mostly because I am an avid sub user, partially because I had invested all my tokens into them prior to the release of the Hunter and didn't have time to work out a second fleet.

Let's take a look at the baddies!


  • Long range thermal. I would ball park it in at least the 150+ range. 
  • Starts combat submerged, and visible
  • Fastest ship you will encounter.
  • They try to circle you and keep you at their max range, which is helpful for Fang drivers as that is near your max range. Every now and then they will reverse direction and try to circle the other way. Fairly easy to tackle one of them, but as with most things, a large group can cause problems as they will try and surround you with some ships circling clockwise while others go counter-clockwise.
  • If there are not any visible Goblin Sharks around, this is likely what you will be shooting at. They seem to make up the bulk of the mobile ships in these targets.
  • Weapons:
    • Explosive - They are equipped with something resembling a scattergun that looks to be explosive damage.
    • Concussive - There are a couple torpedos equipped as well. Can't say I have noticed anything special here. 
    • Both weapons have a range around 95. A Fangtooth with an 88 range torpedo outranges them by a bit. The Fangtooth peeks at just over 100 range, and you have a couple hairs worth of wiggle room. Quite a bit more than the Hellwraiths against the Reaver Armadas.

Goblin Shark

  • Long range thermal. Not nearly as long range as the Daggertooth, but still over 120.
  • Starts combat submerged, and is NOT visible. You can find a few of them hidden around targets that can be used to trigger clusters of enemies with out having to wander into firing range of the Gluttony.
  • Slightly out paced by the Daggertooth in terms of speed. Follows the same approach method though.
  • Will go Berserk when another Scourge ship is sunk.
    • Receives a fairly decent speed boost. They will become slightly faster than the Daggertooth for a short time.
    • They seem to have a defense handicap while going Berserk. It could just be my eyes playing tricks on me though, so take this point with a grain of salt.
  • I would recommend trying to focus these guys out first to prevent them from going Berserk when they are already nipping at your heels.
  • Weapons are the same as the Daggertooth. There weapon range looks to be slightly longer than the Daggertooth though. Possibly to compensate for the shorter thermal? Either way, I feel like it is easier to screw up and get tagged by these guys, which would hint at a slightly longer weapon range.

Electric Eel

  • No means of detection
  • Start combat submerged, and visible
  • Very slow moving. Slows down when THORN is active. 
  • They pretty much drive straight at you, nothing fancy about their movements.
  • Has the THORN ability, similar to the Justice. See here. <- There is a description of the THORN ability towards the bottom of the first post.
    • Notice the Shield logo on the right picture. This is the indication that THORN is active.
    • Pro tip: You do not want to be damaging the Eels while THORN is active. It reflects damage back to you, and there is no way to mitigate the damage. Try to kill them while the ability is disabled to reduce your damage. With Fangs, I have had success waiting for it to activate and moving into firing range after a 2-3 count. 
  • These are typically the last ships you will engage. The only time you really run into them is if you start to get cornered or have to turn and run towards them. Both are scenarios I would recommend avoiding if you can.
  • Weapons are the same as the Daggertooth and Goblin Shark. I don't really know what their range is, as I do pretty well at avoiding them until there is no thermal remaining.


  • No means of detection
  • Starts combat surface, and visible
  • Does not really move. There are some targets where it will inch forward, but for the most part seems to remain stationary.
  • HOLY RAINING MORTS BATMAN!!!! These bad boys are basically just stationary mortar raining platforms. 
    • They fire similarly to the Titan Mortars of the Hyperions. It is a creeping mortar rain that you should try to stay out of.
    • Looks like it applies a heavy slow penalty if it damages you. Luckily the Hunters and Fangtooth are super unreactive, so this is heavily mitigated. Other hulls will notice this penalty more.
    • A single mortar path is not that difficult to avoid. In the higher level targets when you have 3-5 shooting at the same time things get a bit more dangerous.
    • Mortars can be shot down with countermeasures fairly easily. There is just a ton of them to shoot down and will overwhelm your CMs if you aren't at least trying to get out of the way.
    • They will damage other enemy ships! Which is helpful. I would imagine this will reduce your payout slightly as the target is damaging itself.
  • They explode on death. In typical Reaver fashion, this Scourge ship has taken on the deathsplosion ability. While it doesn't look like the deathsplosion itself does much, if any damage, the fire patch it leaves will eat away at you if you get into it.

Bad Clouds

  • These are the same thing we saw during the Assault cycle.
  • The clouds do not move and are visible the entire fight.
  • They are an area of effect damage. STAY OUT OF THEM!!! Or do your best to stay out of them
    • Looks to be explosive damage to fit within in the intended damage types of the Skirmish arc, as mentioned by GD Aruspex during one of his Battle Pirates talk show appearances
    • Charged Armor can help reduce the effect of the clouds. It eats through pretty quickly, so I still would not recommend lingering in the clouds. But it does help increase your maneuvering room if needed.
  • And if it was not clear enough by the last point.... STAY OUT OF THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!!!

For the most part the ships are all pretty easy to tackle individually. The Daggertooth and Goblin Sharks work together to try and surround you by circling opposite directions. The Eels prevent you from running straight through the enemy line. And the Gluttony are just there to be rude and restrict your options for escape.

Hopefully you found something helpful in this.
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