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Any way to put a function into the game for saving base designs. So we can have can have the option to change out designs depending on what is going on for example invasion, monthly events or onslaught then War Path or PVP. This way instead of having to go through the whole process of redoing everything each time, we can simply save a design then just be able to click on a saved design and apply it. Would simply things and make it much easier...
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    I agree posted about this last week.I rarely change around my base design because of the time it takes to rearrange everything.
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    This has been mentioned a number of times, wish someone from Kix would take note!
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    Definitely agree with this one.
    Or better yet, make a Base Planner like the one BYM and BP has, except with more design slots rather than the crappy base editor we have.
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    yes wish they add save base design and alliance chat soon. i really like to get this things in the game.

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    totally agree been saying it for ages 

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    CM_Burny said:
    Thanks for the suggestion. It sounds like a good idea that I can mention to the designers.
    Not mention, write it down on a sticky note, attach it to the end of a rubber dildo and beat them round the head with it till we get one! :) 

    They know what we want regarding this but theres always something else to work on and this is always pushed to the back of the list, shame cause its something the game these days really needs.
    Invasion, Onslaught, Events, PvP all require different set ups and layouts and have you even tried completely redoing a base in WC yet?
    You'll know how badly this feature is needed if so.
    Pester like theres no tomorrow Bunny, get it done :) 
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