The destruction of Battle Pirates provided by Kixeye

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So after being on this game for a little over 4 years, I am starting to not like it more and more and already know SEVERAL people who have quit playing.  I can go play any other game and spend 1/100th of what is basically required on this game to keep up. 

Want to make it fun again?  Fix your prices!  10 + gold to repair a fleet now?  I could see 5 gold tops for the best fleet / newest ships in the game.  If you have 100 people buying $50 worth of gold, that is $5,000.  If you have 1000 people buying $10 worth of gold.... that is $10,000.  Looks like you only want 100 people because it looks like a larger amount right up front.  Think about long term rather than how much you can scrape out of those who do coin. 

This game has become ridiculous on how much repair time is needed and how long it takes for everything to build.  40+ days on a build???  Seriously.  Think about what you are doing to this game.  If you want to make more money, drop your prices / repair / build times and see what happens.....  unless you have already lost most of your paying players?  If a boost is $0.10, I would be more apt to purchase that than if it were $1.00.  If you only want 10 players playing, keep up with your current model.  If you want to succeed, listen to your members!  Stop being a Scrooge and making this game more a job than fun game.  I bet Candy Crush makes more than this game.... why?  It does not cost so much!

This new FM is a joke!  Increasing the damage, making the most expensive fleet one of the better fleets to use to take out the target, and setting the payout on a 115 to 250K.  It should not cost 30 coin to do a "game chore".  That is a tell tale sign you are getting either desperate or greedy..... or both....

Fix your game Kixeye!  You are losing a bunch of paying customers fast!  If you can't see this already, pull your head out of your deep pockets and listen to your customers.....  I give this game 2 months and if nothing has been done to fix this fading expensive game.... I am out.  That would be a huge chunk of money Kix would lose for sure.
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