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Battle Pirates is quickly approaching its seventh year as a live game. As a company, KIXEYE works hard to constantly deliver new content and continue to expand the scope (and fun!) of the game.  One of the things that makes working on this game so fulfilling is how involved the Battle Pirates community is. The whole universe of the game is created as much by your passion and dedication, as it is by our designers. This is YOUR game.

With that in mind we’ve partnered with a company that helps to connect players with questions about the game to a small number of carefully selected Battle Pirates player experts. These experts have been selected based on their knowledge of the game and positive interaction with the rest of the community.

What happens when I submit a support ticket?
Depending on the nature of your question it will either be routed to a KIXEYE agent or one of our player experts. If player experts are unable to answer a question they’ve been sent it will be passed along to KIXEYE agents, preserving your place in the queue.

Which types of questions will expert's answer?
Player experts will primarily receive questions that they can resolve with their understanding of the game alone since they won't have access to the player data agents normally do. Questions that relate to payment or involve personal information will be sent directly to KIXEYE agents.

Why make this change?
During our testing questions sent to player experts were resolved significantly faster (many questions were answered in minutes) while providing high quality and well-received advice to players. Because we have players around the world we are able to answer questions nearly 24/7 providing help when it would otherwise be difficult.

How do I apply to be a player expert?
We are not currently accepting new applications for player experts. Periodically we will hand select and invite new members through the email address you have registered with Battle Pirates.

We’re excited about continuing to empower our players to help each other and reward them for doing so. Here’s to another seven years!

No Quarter, No Mercy.

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.
Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.
Not sure about the rules
  • TheOctopus
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    Except for the cringeworthy bit about making the game more fun (which sadly is utterly contrary to all recent changes/releases), a very helpful and clarifying post MR - thanks!
  • DogStar123
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    Do I have to qualify for Customer Support to ask these experts a question? Will I get an answer to that question since I don't qualify for Customer Support? Can I be considered an expert since I stay competitive without spending any money? Would my expertise on playing for free be considered heresy? I seem to have a lot of questions. BTW I used to be the Shell Answer Man.
  • bort
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    Milo-Ant said:
    lets hope Cathedral rock or bort never made it to the ex (something that has been) Spurt ( a drip under pressure) status eh, else we can all pack up and go home :(
    yeah, because i teach people how to easily do targets for free. probably not great for kix's bottom line.
  • Makarovnik
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    "It is to laugh." Recent developments like this KEEP me entertained.
  • Pusssy_Galore
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    I see alot of negative feedback. But I have to be honest here that since this concept is on, my tickets where answered faster, better understanding and some good tips that even I didn't know of after 6 years of playing. So I must say keep this up Kixeye, by letting the community help eachother!
  • paul.h.fortin
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    Well , at least it is in writing now they pay some players in some form to quickly do the same thing that was done before. 
    For the most part I have been answered very fast (good thing) BUT, it is the same old shyte.
    Mere tokens to shut you up , "your pc" needs to be cleaned , "have not heard of that issue" , and so on. 

    Oh yeah , the best one.... "Get a screen shot or video of the issue to send to the team ". 

    Again , faster but not "fixing" anything. 90% of my "tickets" are issues with the game running properly. 
    None of these people will fix any of that. 

    Fix the running issues = less unhappy players. 

    As stated above several times , not really a need to" answer game questions" , plenty of area's to get that now.
    Fix issues , then fix more issues , then do it again you're not done. 

  • Coventry
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    So free a stable of move, shoulda done it years ago.

  • GrumpyReign
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    I want to know why players that have only been playing less than a year are in but players that have played for 6-7 years weren't accepted after getting invited.
    prolly screening for personality

    or communicable diseases
    I can feel you judging me. That's palpable. But, hey, I never said I was the hero of this story.
  • Nicholas Soong
    Nicholas Soong
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    Ok I have so far not created any support tickets yet so I can’t comment on some of the things the people above are saying. However my past experiences with Customer Service were pretty satisfactory and they resolved my problems most of the time. Yes it sometimes takes ages to get a response but it is acceptable.

    Judging by what people are saying above it sure doesn’t make the experts sound very helpful... though until I try it for myself I will reserve judgment.

    Hmm, what wacky thing should I say? Oh Sod it I can't be bothered of thinking something smart to say.
  • Benjamin Sawdy
    Benjamin Sawdy
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    Your approaching 7 years of a bullshit game which is highly out of balance and overpowered you guys should just cancel this abomination and save all your players from wasting they money on a tail chasing game that only rewards a player for about a month and drops you on your **** as if you didnt earn your initiation. Players save yourself some time and your money and drop this game on its head it isnt worth it by the time you get anywhere in the game you will realize you lost 7 years of your life and a ton of money on a digital nightmare that will reward you with nothing but empty pockets and total realization you wasted your time. Kix is a horrible company that doesnt know how to evolve a game worth a crap save yourself and your money and go play something that has skill involved like bowling, racing, or sports cause this game aint worth the pixels its made on!!!!!
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