seeking help: Microsoft is killing my fleets ... yes Microsoft!

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for three days now I have been losing fleets due to the fact that Win 10 wants to upgrade to this new so called creators version, with my slow - average in my country - connection this means total loss of control of my fleets and instant repair tasks turn into heavy repair bills.

I searched the internet for ways to get rid of these updates but couldn't find any, if anyone here knows how to stop win 10 updates please help.

thanks in advance.
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  • reidid34
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    for an easy way, you can use something like "O&O ShutUp10" (OOSU10) but you have to install security updates by download them individually if you want to correct big issues. in fact, lot of secutity issues are corrected all the month and it's not really a great way to never install them. other way is to stop update service in windows gestion

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    toss the  windows ten computer out the  freaking window and get a older  version of windows or better yet get a mac lagger   mac  run so slow that you  will be able to go have dinner and  a few   bottles of   rum before you have to worry about  your ships  drifting into fire ranges

    hope that helps.  honestly i think you  might have to  alter your  fleets design if this isnt a  fix able  problem.  maybe toss a  few  boost missles on the fleet to  keep it out of  range or maybe  add a  few of the charged armors to the fleet...  also  check for   adobe update they  just came out with a  new flash player.
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    Ummm why dont you want the updates for one? and two why dont you just do the updates when you are not playing....duh
  • Typhoons
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    Windows updates while I sleep,but I stuck with 7 will roll with it till it dies.

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    windows update settings/update history/ uninstall update... should be at the bottom of page. if that doesnt work go to, window search/ run program made previous versions windows/ adavanced/ find progam u run the game in, and run compatibility test. run on recommened windows
  • nick58211
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    @JdtCook said:
    Ummm why dont you want the updates for one? and two why dont you just do the updates when you are not playing....duh

    Well I remember back when windows 7 was around, then microsoft pushed an update to 8. It was probably the most unwanted update thats ever been pushed on me because I had to relearn the entire OS and where everything was.

    So that’s one unwanted update.

    Other reasons may be that certain programs don’t work past a certain OS version.

  • joe.cole.716
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    From what I heard and asked techs about Windows 10 is there is no way to shut off or alter these updates.  That is the downfall of that program and why I chose to go to Windows 8 (later version).  10 will just update when it needs to, regardless of what you are doing.  They say 10.1 fixed some of these issues, but the techs I asked say it still does it.
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    How to block Windows 10 Creators Update downloads

    Install KB3073930

    Cumulative update KB3073930 lets users block or hide Windows or driver updates

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    Typhoons said:

    Windows updates while I sleep,but I stuck with 7 will roll with it till it dies.

    I used to have windows 8, upgraded to 10 and took it off after less than a week and Put 7 on.......................been on 7 now since just after 10 came out.

    When I get a new computer I will have 7 on that too

  • edalb7
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    my win 10/edge is shieserguben....using google chrome a lot better..

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