Why is the Invasion Leader Board such an obvious JOKE ???

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    These Invasion Leader Boards are really getting old!  To test the ridiculousness of the times I am seeing, I placed maxed Workshopped Chaplains all around the base at all the spawn points, on aggressive.  I was trying to see exactly how fast someone might be able to get through the very first, easy wave.  1:19 was the time.  That's basically how long it takes for all the zombies to spawn, as they were killed instantly, just as soon as they spawned.  And we all know Level 1 is the easiest.  So...  1:19 X 10 waves = 13:10 -- That's the absolute fastest time, assuming all waves spawn just as quickly as wave 1, and assuming you'd get through all waves the 1st time around.

    But you cannot get through waves 9 & 10 with just one go at it.  And I won't spend the coin to see how many go's it would actually take.  But I'm thinking a coiner would need an absolute minimum of 2 go's at wave 9 & at the absolute very least, 3 goes at wave 10.  That brings our total up to 17:07 & I still don't think it's even remotely possible, but just in case it is, the questions are...  So why in the world is the leader at 9:59 ???  How is that even remotely possible ???  Why aren't they banned ???  Why do I have to compete with an obvious hack ???  In-fact, the top 247 players on the Leader board have a faster time than 17:07.  How do I compete with that ???  And why should I ???  Kixeye, fix your ****!  Ban the hacks!  Period!  Sick. of. trying. to. compete. with. them.  Period!

    Top 100 get 21 tokens, top 300 get 15 tokens, & the top 600 get 10 tokens.  Because I firmly believe there will be at least 300 with a time lower than 17:07 & because I more firmly believe I'll never get to 17:07, as it's pretty **** impossible, I guess I am playing to be in the that top 600 section & get less than half the tokens that the cheaters get.  So again, you have once more showed me that the cheaters will get rewarded & the players will get screwed!  **** ****!!!
    My thoughts exactly it is impossible to do it under 10 minutes like the top of the leader board,It takes at least 1 minute per round and wave 9 and 10 you can not do it in 1 hit takes at least 3 hits.S o the hackers/cheaters get the cream,I feel as if it is they are actually getting rewarded for cheating,all of them accounts under 15 minutes should be automatically banned for cheating !!!
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    There is a TON of great information on this thread... :) I am closing it for the few who do not want to follow forums rules.. Those of you who continue to break the forums rules risks losing your privileges in the forums to post...

    Discussion of cheating/hacking is not allowed on the forums. 

    If a reported player doesn’t get banned, the investigation is either ongoing or the account was cleared.
    Report a Suspected Cheater.

    Also you can refer to the forums for a list of rules which apply to forums, chats and world chats/comms. The link is : https://www.kixeye.com/forum/discussion/530465

    Closing thread

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