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The last weeks i have repeating problems playing Vega on Steam. The game starts, Vega window and Logo are appearing. But then nothing. Vega does not connect to server. It´s showing a symbol like wireless-connection error.

Some hours or days later everything is working. And today it stopped working. 
Playing on android phone, from same internet connection works always...???
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    dertester, check this thread for our troubleshooting guide:

    For mobile, the main thing is to make sure you aren't running any other apps in the background.  Background apps eating up bandwidth can detract from your experience. 

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    tested following:
    • Disabled firewall -> no effect
    • Cleared Steam Browser, Cookie and Game Cache ->no effect
    • Uninstalled Vega and reinstalled ->no effect
    • Computer is cable connected. Trying Wireless or both ->no effect
    • Restarting Computer ->no effect
    • Lowering max-Ping ->no effect
    • Traceroute -> Hop 1-7 under 10ms, hop 8-14 under 100ms
    • Manual ping ->ping around 100ms (102-112)
    Playing on mobile phone over same internet connection is still working fine.
    Still not possible playing on Steam.

    Yesterday evening I tried to play over another internet connection, result was the same :(

    Playing on mobile phone suxxx
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    *Problem solved*

    I downgraded my AMD Radeon Notebook graphics from v17.7.1 to v17.4.4 and now I can again play with Steam. But I think it´s not the best idea, running a system with old drivers, only because there are compatibility issues.....
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