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Subscription based Purchase option

Brandon Brunson
Brandon Brunson
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It's no secret the complaints and disgruntled community when it comes to cost of purchases. If KIXEYE really wanted to charge to cover cost for servers and other expenses that result from more playing consistently through day on regular basis then instead of just Oil purchases the compromise I see that would be only option to satisfy both is another option for a Subscription based package. In some detailed manner it would allow you to have higher rate of oil refill from refineries for set few hours per day that once you begin the 3-4 hours of this feature starts and ends with one activation a day. This would only apply to oil for PvP battles to encourage Alliance members to battle daily. Other purchases would not apply. Just a Monthly billed or Monthly renewed package for those daily active allowance members that keep leaving feeling restrained to limited participation daily. Other features of this to not exploit the level of activity could be taken into consideration but you'd have all dedicated players willing to pay not for purpose or more oil but a limited time per day when they can really be active. The price would be TBD but I'd consider paying 24-29.99 a month just to know I could be more active a couple hours each day engaging with Alliance and battles ON THE MAP.

  • Funken_A
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    they will never do this because Kixeye has a group of big spending whales who spend a few $100 every single month.. They only care to keep this group happy, and they are the only group they have to keep happy because they pay all the bills.

    makes for a crappy game experience for the rest but it was never about the game experience it was about the money.

    Most of the top freemium games have a group of pay to play whales at the top whom spend like drunken sailors at port.

    Read an article recently about a player in Game of War that spent $2 million over a few years and then decided to hold a boycott because he wasn't happy with the games direction. So with players like this out there why would they even care about the rest of us, we are only whale food
    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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