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So i was thinking of a story based off the game. the idea starts off as a trilogy, each based off of the three current type of sub-species the forsaken has gone against. so far heres a discription of each:

Battle Pirates #1: The Draconian Onslaught
After years of turmoil over the seven seas, the torn apart Forsaken alliance is now ripped apart by the threat known as the Draconians, lead by the mastermind Commander Vassagro, and his closest assistant Greta Spader. Several of the alliances that have been split from the original Forsaken no longer exist as they have been destroyed by Forsaken fleets out of nowhere. this leads the ex leader of the Forsaken navy, Commander Harlock, along with a few of his loyal followers that remained, to reunite the Forsaken alliance to defeat the Draconian threat that lingers.

so far, the Draconian Onslaught plans to feature mainly alot of the stuff we see, along with some previous stuff thats been seen like the Typhoons and the Huge Mega Hull of their fleets. so far it is unknown as to how long it will last, but it will likely end with the discovery of the next threat.

Battle Pirates #2: A Raging Inferno
Having left off from events from the first story, we return to the newly formed Forsaken Alliance discovering the existence of Radiation at sea. the forsaken sends a scout team out to find out the cause of the radiation near what was left of a Draconian Base, and the scouting party never returns, however a message that came to the Alliance. Reavers. Now as Reavers start preparing to attack our bases, it is the duty of us forsaken alliance members, to Set sail and ensure the safety of our people from this new radioactive threat.

This series will add on some new hulls like the Vindicator (which was meant for reaver threats) and reaver ships, and whatever else i can think of. the story may or may not also involve remnants of the Draconian threat from the first series, with the addition of new Drac ships, however which role they play in the story, will be unknown

Battle Pirates #3: An Enemy Unseen
Months after rebuilding from the reaver attacks, strange unexplainable reasons have been causing convoys to sink between bases. a small expeditionary force escorting the convoy discovers subs deep under the sea, but they werent of Draconian origin. the discovery is made of the Scourge, an atlantian Race whos focused on undersea combat. however their undersea combat between the scourge and Forsaken is unbalanced, and the forsaken have to look to an old enemy to combat the scourge threat.

So this will add the Kraken Sub of the draconians from the campaign along with the subs for the Scourge. This is currently the end, and the Legion may follow in a fourth series when i can think of the idea for the Legion storyline, which would involve the addition of Revenge and Vendetta ships
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    Nah, the scourge will copy and paste deflection on their ships and will forever be the most overpowering enemy EVER.
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    Honestly, they will start the deflection, with the start as we send rhinos, V2Hs, and Scrapped Kodiaks when we first fight them, but no resulting damage. then we develop Deflection Bypass, and start destroying their subs. Plus i think i now have one for the Legion.

    Battle Pirates #4: the Divided Seas
     Long after scrapping and using Scourge hulls, the Draconians have now a new score to settle creating thier own HC class, and the Punisher, much to attack us, but problems stur up in the forsaken halls as Zoe and Harlock cannot agree with going to war or trying to reclaim peace with the draconians. this then creates the Legion, led by Zoe, as she proves her point by coordinating attacks on her former allies. this pushes Harlock to the edge as he has to face two fronts now, and with Zoes disobedience, if the forsaken and legion do become one big group again, what will happen to zoe and her followers.

    Not much is known as of now, as were just starting the legion storyline in the game, but as said, this story introduces the current hulls like HC, Punisher, Vendetta, Apollo, and Revenge. the Bloodthirst ability wont be incorperated in the storyline, but there will be likely a limit of One Revenge and one Vendetta per each Leader of an Island nation, varying on which side they are on. (sadly due to much respect for the vendetta, my character will be siding with zoe, but maybe as a spy for harlock. either way im kinda getting both just cause my Island nation tends to favor repairing Damaged hulls and repair them, which is why we also have mixes of Reaver, Draconian, and Scourge ships, cause i repair them, and have them shipped off to other islands... seems like a black market deal, but it keeps my industries alive on my island. anyway it will likely stay in draft, as it wont advance until the storyline is completed likely.
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    vassago had to die somewhere hasn't he?
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    The new threats will be the "MasterCards of the Sea" followed by a Rogue Faction "Visa Vikings". Towards the end of the year Kixeye will add the last two, "Discover Draconians" and  "Am-Express Elites". All of these new factions may be split into two tiers "Platinum Raiders" or "Gold Raiders". Unless you join and use these factions - you will NOT progress very far into the game. 
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    if you don't like what some people post dont read it
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