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best free video editing software for PC AVS Video Editor
PC AVS Video Editor [Free to download and try, trial never expires.]
I have not tried this one yet, but it looks like it has more than enough options for the videos players make and share in the forums.
I have not found a direct upload feature with this one, so you will need to know how to upload to your own video site, like YouTube.

best free video editing software for Mac iMovie Free

Mac:  iMovie Free (there is a version for the iPhone and iPad as well)
I do not currently own a mac so I will have to rely on feedback from players who do have a mac to know if this is a good program or not.  This program does come with a share feature so that you can directly upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo.

The best professional video editing software Adobe Premiere

Linux:  Lightworks (there are mac and PC versions of this as well)
I have used this one on my Linux box and know that it is only produces low grade 720 video using the free version.  It also limits you to YouTube and Vimeo for update, unless you are willing to go with the pro license.

There is another post about online video recorders, but since some people like to more than just record and post, these may help you with designing that fabulous video you have always wanted.

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