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Free to Play Is Currently Broken - How High Costs Drive Players Away from F2P Games - Extra Credits

Depressed Thinker
Depressed Thinker
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I could write post upon post about game concepts, design, and suggestions. Thankfully like minded individuals with better budget, skills, and time have created video content which can easily do the same if not more that I can hope. 

This is part of a series called Extra Credit that I love. This episode is called.
Free to Play Is Currently Broken - How High Costs Drive Players Away from F2P Games - Extra Credits

I hope you find this video as interesting and important as I have.
I am retired at the moment. I got a Xbox now. (DM for gamer tag.)

As for War Commander I will probably come back around October 2018.
Granted if Net Neutrality gets taken down. Then forget about any free to pay/play games for me. (I have a soft spot for holidays and zombies)
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    watched this video a year or so ago

    they drive players away, but what about the big spenders.... ?????    freemium developers don't like grinders.. but big spenders show up on every single freemium game and enough of them are spending 100s every month

    So do you care if your driving freemium spongers away?  or do you only care that your whales are content and still spending, at some point this abusive model needs to change but if developers are making money they won't be changing their style.

    I would love to see a game not cater to spending but trust that a quality product will take care of itself long term. Obviously Kixeye lacks that confidence in themselves and the business model
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