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Adding resource gaining

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Too keep in step with resource would be nice to gain oil defending off an attack.. if we wanted to stay in a gaming reality.. if there were destroyed would-be attacker vehicles on our battle field wouldn't we take the resources? Lol.. besides our oil pumps there isn't away to gain more attack opportunities...give us somethi g for building a good defense..especially if I'm a 37 and fending off a 45..cost me a lot of oil to revenge...thanks

  • Funken_A
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    Never understood why so many games give nothing for successful defense. It should be equally rewarding as attacking in regards to resources IMO

    Sure you'll have defense  farmers but there are ways to make sure farming alone doesn't progress you to much without a good O.. That's js just balance IMO

    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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