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Player v Player is unplayable

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Three weeks in and player v player has become absolutely unplayable. I had two accounts: level 27 and level 17. Both have high level units and maxed defenses for their command center levels. The May 2 update caused both to be hit by players 1 to 2 CC levels higher. My level 17 got hit by a level 38.

Now I am having problems finding people to attack and be successful. My level 27 is getting levels 36-43. All have an extra tower and all have maxed turrets and extra defenders. It got to the point where it just isn't fun.

My level 17 is being matched with level 26-33. I was able to beat many of them until today when the turrets were maxed for their levels. The extra tower or two makes it so it is no longer fun to play because there is no benefit is a kamakaze attack.

I gave it three weeks. Things were awful the first two weeks then improved in terms of defenses but now it is no longer fun. The game fundamentally changed and is no longer for me.

Best of luck and I hope the game is fun for others.

  • Funken_A
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    Well the interesting thing is I'm barely CC 5 lvl 27 and I just beat a lvl 42 and a lvl 38

    this game is radically different in how you can lvl up.. and how that applies to match making.. Not a huge fan of it because I like structure I can rely on but how does it feel to be a lvl 42 and find out you just got owned by lvl 27
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