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So I think its safe to say that we're all probably gamers here to some degree or another and we're all likely to have a pick for best game/set of games of all time. So Im curious, what might be some picks of people around here?
If you played lots of different genres, throw out your picks for that genre.
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    Here are the games I do play and why they are good. This reply may get close to the borders on what is advertisement and isn't advertisement.

    Halo Wars
    A very simple RTS game that is good in general. It was also one of the biggest RTS titles on xbox which is amazing. It's also unlike some other strategy games extremely well balanced. The game has 2 main factions and 3 leaders in each faction for the skirmish aspect and it's very well balanced and extremely fun to play skirmish against AI. The campaign is also very well made with a lot of fun moments and missions with a lot of variety which makes it hard to get bored when playing the game. On top of that, the game has no micro transactions.

    A well established game many of us already know is amazing. I do usually play survival to see how far I can go before my computer says stop. In my 1.7 world, I did make a bit too much in the spawn chunks that is active 24/7 when I'm playing in that world which causes some problems. I had 1 32 Village Iron farm, villager breeder, chicken farm and major mineshaft which is about 100 blocks long. Finally, few hundred hoppers which are famous for causing lag.

    LEGO Games
    This do only include the early Lego games called "Lego Star Wars The Complete Saga" and "Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures" because the new games have been much worse than the early games. What made the early games successful was how simple they were and that they was open world. Sadly, this cannot be said with the later Lego games than what have been named.

    Battlefield Bad Company
    Fun FPS games where you can destroy the environment for maximum fun. In the first game, it ends with that you destroy everything in each campaign mission just for that sake of it and infinite amount of ammo and nearly never a checkpoint system makes it even more fun. The second game has the part with a lot of situations with infinite amount of ammo and that you can choose which weapon you ever wish to when you have found them in the campaign.

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    I liked the mgs games (mgs3)

    monster hunter series (mh4u)

    resident evil series (revelations)

  • No..Beard
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    Civilization series

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    I usually like typical map games but it's pretty ironic because I don't play those games that much. Typical map games as in building an empire like the Mongols and conquer or fall.
    I've heard of Hearts of Iron, EU4, atwar, but I've only played atwar because it's a browser game.
    But heck, even Backyard Monsters Map Room 2 falls under this category. 
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  • Wyvern The PinkiePie
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    Strategy - Homeworld: Remastered Collection and Star Wars: Empire at War

    Shooters - Halo series

    Racing - Forza Horizons 1 and 2

    Adventure - Borderlands series, Grand Theft Auto series, and Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Action - Naval Ops: Commander, Warship Gunner 2, Armored Core series, and Ace Combat series

    Other - Garry's Mod. 'Cause you get to make things like this:

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