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Connection problems

Fritske Harries
Fritske Harries
Joined May 2017 Posts: 1

I'm sure that at least 70% of the players is facing this problem. Connection problems. When your connection is great and still it says check your connection, then something is wrong. I was given a bs explanation from the support. I was supposed to talk to my ISP, but I have great connection. I tried it at other places and same things. All good, but War Commander has problems with the connection. And support says there's nothing they can do. This game sends more data than other games and bla bla bla. I have paid money in this game. I pay for something that's broken and I basically don't get what I pay for!!! It's a disgrace.

  • Funken_A
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    Happens to me often between battles or while moving around on the map or PVP nexting

    Never happens during a battle... yet
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  • Uwrekd
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    That is the default error message. I get it too and was about to make a post when I saw this one. I get it after watching a replay. When the replay finishes naturally (without hitting exit), the game freezes at loading and then errors out and tells me to check my connection. This happens on both my phone (4G) and my tablet (wifi). They don't want their customers screenshotting error messages, so they just tell you that YOU have a connection problem. This game is about as stable as a teeter totter.

    Why can't I exit this game? Why does hitting the back button just minimize the game, only for it to error out later when Android stops it. I have to App Force Close it to prevent this. A simple logout function should work.
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