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Top tier Dominators now accepting

Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 19

We are the Dominators a top tier alliance. We're looking for active daily aggressive players ! Minimum requirements : players must be between levels 44 to 57, with a minimum of 100k. If you like to farm this not for you ! Join the best fk the rest ! Pm INFERNO or me KissYerAzzGoodbye.

  • Funken_A
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Apr 2017 Posts: 109
    edited 4 May 2017, 3:41PM
    who doesn't love to farm

    In fact the entire purpose of the game is to farm and to upgrade. no farm no upgrades

    Guess I do not understand what you are looking for .. 100k of what  ??  cash oil metal ???

    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
  • Wai Yan
    Wai Yan
    Joined Oct 2012 Posts: 1
    100k mean infamy point. Anyway still have to farm. sometime we farm infamy, sometime we farm resource.
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