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Broken matchmaking

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Your PVP has people 10-20 lvl as higher than me raping my base. You keep "fixing" things that aren't broken. Me and my alliance can't keep metal or thorium to do upgrades. Getting attached 6-10 times a day by afore mentioned players of much higher levels is suppressing the growth of us. Not even suppressing, down right choking and killing us. You need to fix what you have broken by trying to fix something that wasn't broken. We won't wait around forever. And the more I have to post the more likely I am to leave this game.


  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
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    Nicely spoken NSainMonkey. I completely agree. Why is it taking KIXEYE so long to recognize this most CRUCIAL element of the whole game right now. Impossible.... yes you heard right.... ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to store large amounts of metal, and even more-so thorium. I mean, even if you have a safe haven in the war zone, and you are MINING resources, even then........ it is IMPOSSIBLE when you are continuously hit by players who are in some peoples cases 20, yes 20 levels above their own. How many times does this HUGE fatal error need to be pointed out before someone in charge of game play decision making ACTUALLY does something about it? WOW!!!

    KIXEYE staff, just reduce the HUGE unfair player gap. Offer the same elements of the matchmaking you currently have now, but just reduce that gap.

    Thanks for your time,
    Commander Fluff

  • Funken_A
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    Kixeye has a group of whales who pay to play... These whales spend more money then the rest of us combined.

    Because the game was poorly thought out the only real income coming in is from the Whales at the top, and because these Whales bought their way to the top quickly, the majority haven't caught up to them so to keep these Whales happy they have to feed the pay to play group all of us even though its a gross mis match.. Whales love a mis match. They just want to reign on top and not be challenged much

    Think it through. If one grp is bringing in 80% of all your income do you cater to the money or do you throw the money under the bus knowing **** well the rest of us will never spend that much regardless.

    Also the games design of upgrading defenses costing large amounts of experience points and moving you up lvls quickly is being abused by the fact that most of us will sit at lvl 17 or 27 and just wait till we are maxed out offensively for th elvl before moving up or get bored and move on
    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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