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Incursion battle matchup still horrible!!!

Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 7

The PvP battle matchups are still horrible! I'm still getting hit by people 20 levels up and I have to hit people 5 to 10 up...this is unfair on both sides..this needs to be addressed in a better way.

  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 17

    I completely agree Tazman. Plus it is impossible.... yes you heard right.... ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE to store large amounts of metal, and even more so thorium. I mean, even if you have a safe haven in the war zone, and you are MINING resources, even then........ it is IMPOSSIBLE to hang on to when you are continuously hit by players who are in some peoples cases (like Tazman) 20, yes 20 levels above their own. How many times does this HUGE fatal error need to be pointed out before someone in charge of game play decision making ACTUALLY does something about it? WOW!!!
    KIXEYE staff, just reduce the HUGE unfair player gap and keep the rest of the matchmaking the same (for now). You can always go back and revamp it later. But reduce the gap.

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