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PvP matchups David vs goliath

Joined Mar 2017 Posts: 7

The PvP matchups are horrible! I still get hit by people 20 levels up and have to hit people 5 to 10 up..totally absurd! Getting burned on both sides!! if someone 20 levels up can hit me, if kixeye is gonna leave the matchups this way, I should at least be able to hit someone 20 levels below me if I want to..I mean this seems to be the kixeye way right?.....these matchups are nuts.

  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
    Joined Jan 2017 Posts: 17

    Yes, and I was recently informed that KIXEYE had just recently (May 10th to be precise) made improvements to the matchmaking. They said that they are giving incentives of larger percentages of materials to be attained by attacking bases with higher level command centers and lower percentages of materials to attained by attacking bases with lower level command centers.
    Well the funny thing is, it appears absolutely nothing has changed for me. I'm only ever attacked by very high level players. David vs Goliath is very accurate. For me, it's STILL consistently players who are 10-18 levels higher than me. Absolutely NOTHING has changed. I could be mistaken, but I am pretty certain that I am still loosing the same percentages of materials each time I'm attacked as well. So for me the heart of the matter is STILL TRYING to store large amounts of materials for upgrades. IT CANT HAPPEN, and never will because as soon as I begin to accumulate a large amount, that immediately puts a target on my head from people who are 10 to 18 levels higher than me (20 for Tazman, poor guy). KIXEYE, I ask you, how are we supposed to progress????? At this rate it is quite literally impossible. Am I wrong? I mean, we can always level up, but we will NEVER be able to promote our units that require large amounts of thorium. Better just forget it. Please tell me you guys are going to fix this. Most of my alliance have gone inactive looking for other games to get hooked on.

  • Medicivich
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    I made the decision a few days ago to start hitting back. My 2nd acct is level 17. Everything was going well until today. I somehow defended against a level 35. I killed his level 5 Abrams level 3 buggies his thunderbolts. So I hit revenge. 6 turrets. All maxed for his level. I didn't even bother attacking. There is no point trying to collect metal if a cc 2 levels above can attack you.

  • banshee77
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    I received a response to my complaints for this match making mess that the developer has forced down our throats. The place to complain is in the App Store or google play. If the app ratings keep going down perhaps they will make real changes to this mess of a game. Changes they made early May took my defence percentage from 72 down to 5. Can't upgrade anymore all my stores are raped clean as soon as they fill.

  • Depressed Thinker
    Depressed Thinker
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    I think it is because the lack of obtainable oil for repairs which is the incentive causing this. Oil is so rare that the metal is not worth it. Perhaps if they made the infamy score reward a ton of oil..
    I am retired at the moment. I got a Xbox now. (DM for gamer tag.)

    As for War Commander I will probably come back around October 2018.
    Granted if Net Neutrality gets taken down. Then forget about any free to pay/play games for me. (I have a soft spot for holidays and zombies)
  • Bunny Fluff
    Bunny Fluff
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    So matchmaking seems to have gotten sooooomewhat better with higher level players now able to steal less resources, which one would think is all good and all.... However, now it appears that I am hit MORE FREQUENTLY by these higher level behemoths whenever I try and stockpile large quanties of materials. Why is it taking Soooooo long for KIXEYE to wake up as see the error in their ways? How can a gaming company throw their players into a game still in it's beta stages of development like this? This is KIXEYE's way of not having to pay us (the beta testers) to do their dirty work for them.
    One of 2 things needs to change:

    1). Further scale back on the percentages that players at higher lvls can steal from lower level players. Or...
    2). Reduce the huge player gap which still exsists on player vs player.

    Personally, I like the second option. I bet most of your fan base would agree with that option as well.

  • CrazyJoeMain999
    Joined May 2017 Posts: 2

    Totally agree with last two topics. Game has gone to ****!

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