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Game is completley broken... Just not enough oil to experiment and play all modes

Minor Nuisance
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I spend more oil trying to find an army I can use against bases. At lvl 25 I have a balanced upgrade but Now I face so many troops my army is dissolved before i take on any defense tower.  I usually selectively look for opponents that don't have much defense but at lvl 25 those players are far and few between..

SO whats the answer. I wasted all my oil so now its a 3 hour wait to experiment again.. Which will more than likely mean another 3 hour wait after that experiment fails because I did one thing wrong, so another 3 hours after that and then after that till i get it right or realize this won't work and try something new

Right now the game is becoming very tough to play.. I was able to rush all the way to lvl 25  but now the competition has caught up to my skill lvl

The only way I will learn to play is to be able to attack attack attack and then attack again.... 2 to 4 hour waits to attack again really doesn't do much for adding resources to upgrade nor does it inspire me to want to experiment with different attacks because of the HUGE penalty you get for failing.

And then if I do manage ot win a few battles I get attacked by a lvl 27 with 10 lvl 10 cobra helicopters.. The player used 2 cobras to take down my entire base...  I admire this cheater he gets to play the game all day long and will never face a consequence for cheating.

however i am not a cheater but i'm the one who gets punished

Why does the developer hate us...... What is the goal of this game to only have a few players play it and have the majority quit before lvl 20.....  

I can not keep this up..... I need to be able ot play to exeriment with troops withotu such a huge oil / wait penalty... Otherwise whats my motivation..... waiting doesn't motivate
Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
  • Funken_A
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    so today I start with full oil.

    I start an attack but my AI didnt' respnd the way It shoudl have and I lost troops and had to abort

    that s cost me 1500 oil

    So I try again this time the GUI's on the map are dead spaces my desperate attempt to zoom in to deal with troops coming at me then trying to get my troops out of the way of incoming defense salvo missiles left half my infantry dead.. had to abort again

    this cost me 2000 oil.

    One more time and same thing.. Moving my troops out of range and my troops decide to walk closer to the defense before walking away where i wanted them..

    Another 2000 oil wasted

    At this point I'm done for hours now. I have to wait for oil to build up so I can have enough to earn enough metal to make a major upgrade

    HOURS I'm going to wait because of bad AI and dead spots on the map do to GUI placement.

    This would be a tad more palletable if I didn't have to wait so **** long for mistakes that I do not feel were my fault just game nuisances
    Oil I need oil.. Oil to play Oil to justify playing Oil just oil
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